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Do not suggest me
On what to follow
You have eaten the cookie
Better clean up the mess
No crumbs on my floor
Suggest me not
Leave no trace
I’ll hide and remove unnecessary suggestions
I know what I want
And can take my own decisions
Viseract Dec 2017
Ahhhh, *******! Just can't leave me be
I decided to leave, you decided not peacefully
Can't you see? I do not want you in my life
The very fact you're trying is inspiration to write

And I'm sick of sticking fists up for another one-sided fight
I'm sick of biting my tongue to prevent my darker side
The amount of times I've wanted to shred you in more than just rhymes
Is roughly the amount of times I've wanted to push you from the skies!

Seriously, if you haven't before, now listen to me
Try as you might, **** that you start, providing pleas
It's typical feminine drama and I'm sick of this crap
My mind is in overdrive trying not to laugh

It's pathetic, you're pathetic, it's all done
**** me once, you ****** me twice it's done
Now I'm sorry, gotta go, gotta run
Call me what you want, you are what you eat, its fun
Ditch it woman, I don't need your **** strife
You don't give a glass of water
  To a drowning man
And you don't throw a thirsty man  
  Into the deep blue sea

Yet I drank deep of that glass
  Though my lungs were full of water
And thanked you for the refreshing swim
  As I gulped the briny down

                      --Daniel Irwin Tucker
Sometimes we can be the bull in a China Shoppe or the clerk behind the counter, the partner in a marriage, a colleague at work or. . . well, just fill-in the blanks -------- --------)    
"Ok, thank you. Now just stand there while i move this nice showcase of our Royal Dalton outside. Good bull. Now slowly turn around  (crash) ... thats ok, I'll clean it up later. What's that? Oh, it's just stuff to eat and drink out of ... bone china is just made of old bones anyhow; don't worry about it... "
The china  metaphor was inspired by a lovely poem by -A- , entitled, Like Fine China.
My-broken-heart Mar 2016
my mind never stops,
a whirlwind of emotions rage inside me
wave after wave
the slam into me without notice
I’m speechless

my mind never stills,
unwanted thoughts consume me
sparks ignite new ideas
overthinking everything
I’m on overdrive

my mind never quietens,
songs blast constantly
reverberating, resounding within me
countless stories and jokes and memories
I’m tired

my mind won’t relax
and I’m trying
but I’m tired
My-broken-heart Mar 2016
My mind is on overdrive,
Currently working overtime,
I'm overthinking and its slowly killing me.
My-broken-heart Mar 2016
I am made of nervous energy;
I cannot stop,
I am not quiet,
I will never be still.
wraiths Jul 2015
my heart is beating beating beating
out of my chest.
i can't focus.
my brain won't stop buzzing.

i've got tunnel vision and i can't feel my feet,
but i know i'm running
as these surroundings fly by.

*i'm coming.
Amitav Radiance Mar 2015
There’s turmoil
In the mind
The grey’s activated
Speeding thoughts
At neurotic pace
Synapses in overdrive
Mind does matter
Laden with ideas
There’s a universe
Within me
Humongous task
To travel beyond
This space
Holds, the minuscule me
It’s an endeavor
Finding myself
Elioinai Oct 2014
Winding down the alleyways,
Climbing up the walls,
Delivering their urgent schemes,
Yelling down the halls,
Hammering on all the drums,
And pounding on the gongs,
Calling out my burning thrums,
And writing all my songs,
Small things- all things,
These cause my ways.
November 8, 2012

— The End —