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Artemis Sep 21
I hate you more than I hate myself.

And that’s saying a lot.
Artemis Sep 19
You filled me up with daydreams and hope
and a thousand wishes

all just to watch me burst and break
into a thousand shattered pieces.
Artemis Sep 1
I am a girl made of ice.
It started in my heart,
blooming like a thousand roses,
a garden of freezing pain.

It burns like fire,
snow coating my tongue like ashes,
frost filling my lungs like smoke.

The devastating cold
cannot be thawed.
It long ago glazed over my eyes.

I now only see in shades of
blue and gray.

I am a girl made of ice.
Touch me and I'll shatter.
Artemis Aug 31
i like your smile.
i like pretty much
about you.

i want to kiss
your freckles
and dimples
and run my fingers through your hair.

it's easy with you.
it's like breathing.
Artemis Aug 17
Do not give your name away.
It is the one thing you should

There is a strange feeling
that follows you
into the forest and across streams.

Do not turn around.

Don't accept gifts from
beautiful people
who seem far lovelier than they really are.

At least,
not for free.

Don't say thank you.
It's as good as owing debt.
Say you appreciate the assistance,
but never thank directly.

Tread lightly in all things.
Wear bits of clothing
inside out.

Stuff salt in your pockets.

And if you here music flowing from
a nearby stream or ring of mushrooms,
do not dance to it.

You will not be able to stop.
Artemis Aug 15
some moments,
i find myself feeling so
that i am forced to decide
whether or not life
is worth living for
Artemis Aug 14
your tears are a gurgling stream.
your fingers are twigs and sticks.
your heart is a root covered stone.

Prince of spring,
does life call to you
the way it shrinks from me?

or are you simply the beast
I think you are?
In honor of one of my favorite book series's :)
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