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Flame Aug 2018
we talked again these past few days
I then fell again in your stupid ways
I can't wait for everything to begin
As I lay in bed again

As I walk in corners of our school
I saw you with your friends sitting on a tool
You were laughing at what she said
I was shocked, My heart just bled

You saw me approaching you
"hey we we're just talking about you"
I smiled and pretend it was okay
Until she rolled her eyes and smirked in my way

As I lay in bed again tonight
I watched as the stars shine so bright
I cannot help but to agree
that we are not meant to be
this is for the one who broke my heart.
NerdyAlien Oct 2017
My day was as gloom as the starless night
When clouds threw their spears down to me.
The tears in my eyes had blur my sight
As I realize that he was never meant to me.

I was saddened of the thought of him
'Twas just a one-sided love.

— The End —