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Mar 24
As my foot slips off the edge,
I feel my body let go.

The initial panic
is met with a contrasting sense of calm.
A calmness that reminds me
why I stepped so close to the edge
in the first place.

Releaseβ€” my soul, my mind, my body.
I am finally free,  and in this moment
I am weightless.

As I fly, I fall farther away
from the overwhelming madness
that consumes me.

With every gasp of hard air,
I am brought closer to a world
where my worries become peace.

Just as I close my eyes,
embracing the complete darkness,
the complete freeness,
I am moments away from meeting
I feel a sharp yank
that pulls me back up.

Reeling me in,
like a fish,
not wanting to be caught.

I did not ask to be saved.
I did not want to be saved.

My mind fills quickly with the madness
that was erased moments ago.

I feel the weight of my limbs and my troubles,
and I feel pain.

As I am lifted back onto the edge,
the calmness leaves me ,
and I am met with shocking anxiety
and sorrow.

I am bound yet again,
no longer free.

But they will say
that I am saved.
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