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"When music fades, worlds live not long."

O'Bryan, Zacharias . Seven Poems and Songs from Spirit Thorn VeraVoz LLC. Kindle Edition.

Music suspended...
ether vibrates
melancholy lilting echo
notes strung together as beads on necklace

   sky to earth
Notes into raindrops
songs into dew
   fall on the grass and rose petals
   Look closely
   look again
   yes, again
     in that single fluid crystal drop
     hidden mysteries and revelation
   éclaircie - rendu plus clair
   (clarified made clearer)
     light through the prism
     golden ray passing through the single crystal drop bursting into color
     luminous fragments embedded as one filtered to reveal diversity
        So we as humans are
   one light
a thousand ray emanations particles
born of the            drifting,
falling to earth...

Ever changing yet part of the One
      that is ALWAYS
         the same
The last line to this just struck me...
Harsha Sep 2018
I confessed my adoration declaring my undying affection along with my true intentions
You declined most gracefully (clear and concise)
Narrating you do not share the same sentiments, (it was a forgone conclusion)
Letting me down eventually yet elevating my spirits every time you smile;  
If you reciprocated even a decimal point of devotion or a fraction of affinity I hold for you
Metaphorically speaking it would acquire the vast space that now occupy all the stars in the known cosmos
For my affection towards you ran across time through galaxies extending throughout the infinite interstellar, finally resonating to the heavens unsettling angels and almighty god  

In space time is redundant; direction hold no relevance and gravity is absent
Similar to the romantic intentions you have for me – literally none existent
You will always occupy that pedestal you once accused me I have erroneously placed you on
I will always hold the candle for you, step off a bridge if you asked me to

I would rather deserve medals and not have them; than to have medals and not deserve them
Very much like you – case and point
Maybe you are like the sunset I only have the privilege of admiring its magnificence from a far
But never to retain it for myself I have to let go once the dusk disappear giving way to the stars

But I like to still envision; let my imagination run rampant; then contemplate in accordance to the   “Many Worlds Theory” that somewhere in the unknown multiverse, vibrating in a different frequency, we co-exist ecstatically ; now living & sharing an apartment in New York city; enjoying Chinese takeaway drinking cheap wine while listening to all your favourite songs from the nineties.  (Specially the Goo Goo Dolls, The Verve and Matchbox Twenty)
Seriously doubting my creativity questioning my writing skills due to the outcome and final print of this ballad i fear it got too personal, hence look forward to some constructive criticism from my usual suspects: 0
M Eastman Aug 2018
All the rules of the universe, its light, heat, gravity, electromagnetism, its math, its history, its civilizations and people; all that was, is, and will ever be; exist within the pages of a book.

The book sits on a shelf next to other books. Some of the books on the shelf look like our book, except maybe one letter is different. Others tell stories, or are written in Chinese and Greek. Most of the books are complete chaos, letters mashed together by insane typewriters that spout nothing but gibberish at best and at worst are just a jumble of letters. Pages and pages are blank or contain only one character. Notes of music and vibration spring forth from others.

Rows of shelves go on and on into the distance, in a building with floor after floor of library space. Elevators and Stairs take you to new floors, some of them are underwater or on fire or upside down. Everything ever written or yet to be written or imagined or unimagined is contained within.

This is the Multiverse.
Harsha Jun 2018
A wrinkle in time; in that moment you laughed and then the moment passed me by  
In that exact moment your laugh caught my eye;
Then I saw shooting stars making landfall on to the surface of Mars
The echoes of your laugh spiralled out of control in to my mind’s eye and lit up my soul
Entire parallel universes in their corresponding dimensions unwrapped in warp time & light speeds
You were setting me up for the inevitable fall
The fall that would come eventually and in the next moment I fell
Head over heels in love you could tell- so much it hurts
An epiphany - you are not the only woman for me in this world followed by this catharsis
But you are the only one for me in the entire multiverse;
But all these revelations took place in a parallel dimension on a mirror earth on a counter  ecosphere  
Because in this cosmos I never heard your laugh
Never saw shooting stars, create craters on Mars
Just as you left your impression on my heart;  
But sadly in this time line you never caught my eye
Hence in this realm all these moments just passively passed me by
Devon Gonzalez Jan 2018
A ****** in space that will see no trial.
The opaque, only a predisposition.
Atoms tear away from themselves,
on a death march to the greater void.
She consumes all,
letting love in.
It sneaks through disguised as only an energy.
It is that and more.
Through the decaying matter,
A piercing beacon through the destruction.

Seventeen billion light years off from the light eating sphere.
A juxtaposition of the forgotten and remembered.

The atomic information perhaps lost forever.
The love lays imprisoned within, but never will die.
An energy doesn't know how.
An immortal resides inside the darkness.
Patient for its next chance.
Mathematics say a multiverse may live within the black.
Yet it all seems so naive, for we already know life thrives in destruction.
Wether it's proteins consumed or supernovas entombed.
Devon Gonzalez Jan 2018
Nothing is infinite.

Infinite is nothing.

On an infinite search within nothing,
you will never find anything.

The space within nothing is forever,
forever nothing.

Infinity is nothing.

Nothing is infinity.
Wrote this trying to imagine what the properties of nothing would be. Insomnia is strange like that lol
Garry Nov 2017
Wandering the well-worn grooves,
Listening to the echoes
of my possible futures and pasts,
En el jardin de senderos que se bifurcan
Simon Soane Oct 2017
I imagine well
in multiverse tribes you'd be,
always existing
next to next
with others
in the easy shine you give;
all your moments gilding a live.
Paul Butters Jun 2017
They say that before every step
You take in life,
You flick a mental coin
Then go left or right
Turn or keep straight on.

In your own universe you go left,
Pop into a café,
Go home and have a nap.
Then carry on those humdrum days.

But that was close!
So close that in an alternative realm
You go right,
Go into a shop,
Buy a lottery ticket
And Win Millions!

For every possibility, the scientists claim,
Is played out
In an Infinite Multiverse.

Somewhere you are King or Queen,
And somewhere else you are about to be shot!
Somewhere you are a fly
Or a bear.

Somewhere my parents are still alive
And everyone is free of ill.
That tuneful Rainbow springs to mind.
Maybe there’s even a Universe
Where everyone is Immortal.
Where God calls in for a cup of tea.
And what we’ve read as fiction
Is all true.

These possibilities are endless and
My imagination strains to picture
All that might just happen.
We can but Hope.

Paul Butters
Inspired by a recent BBC Horizon programme repeat about Multiverse Theories.
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