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Tiana Marie Apr 2018
I was walking down the street the other day
and I swear I saw you walk past me.
Now, of course, you don't even know me, and,
well, to be honest, I don't really know you too.
But you believe in love at first sight, right? Well, don't you?

I bet you don't. You seemed too sophisticated for that.
I could tell by the way you walked on by
and the way you talked on your cell phone like you
had authority or like someone was waiting for you in strife
on the other side– I know I've waited for you my whole life.

When you walked on past, did you notice me?
Probably not, but that's okay. I'm not the type that turns heads.
I'm only the type that turns them away.
But, if you are who I think you are– my perfect Mr. Right–
then someday you will walk past me again. You just might.

On that day, I'll be ready. I promise you I will be.
I'll take you into my loving arms and kiss you softly.
Well, won't you like that? You must, for if you're my Mr. Right
then I'm your Mrs. Right. Unless you weren't sent from above
and even you– the perfect one– becomes an act of unrequited love.
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Tiana Marie Apr 2018
They say you'll know
when you feel the butterflies
take over your stomach
and you can't think.

They say you'll know
when you grab their hand
and you feel sparks
ignite in every direction.

They say you'll know
when your mind clouds
so much that you feel dizzy
and you have to take a rest.

But the day I knew
I didn't feel
In fact,
my mind hadn't been any more clear.

The day I knew
I was sick in bed
and you brought me some
chicken noodle soup.

It was a simple act
that told me you cared
and made me realize
how much I care too.
Ashley Williams Apr 2017
You, Mr. Right, are my
Adult Santa Clause.
I look forward to
Everything you'll bring me, only to be
Hit with crushing disappointment as the
Illusion of your existence is
Whisked away forever,
Leaving a cruel joke in its wake.
You exist only as a
Dream of what I'll never have.
A string of lovers bring
Momentary happiness,
(Distractions to disguise loneliness)
But they're neverlasting.
Love exists but not for me.
Trina Nov 2015
i know your out there waiting
on your white hosre
your strong
you stand tall
and your thinking bout finding your Mrs.Right
will Mr.Right she might just be right under your nose
your sweet and kind and you care
you dont show off for other girls
when your with her your only hers
your turst worthy and honaorable
you dont lie
and your thinking bout finding Mrs.Right
well Dear Mr.Right your Mrs.Right might just be right here
i know young puppy love
i wanna be able to play video games and hope to god my family likes you
Dear Mr Right can you care for a firl with scares
can you care for a girl that is clinginy and loves truely and deeply
i might not be wife material but i am i good Mrs.Right and i bet your a better Mr.Right
Creep Jan 2015
Symptoms include
sweaty palms,
eagerness to wake up,
rapid beating of the heart,
one person running around your mind.

Well, I guess I caught the love bug.
love shack
by the b-52s
Creep Jan 2015
You're shy,
It's a fact.
But all that shyness comes tumbling down
In the face of a just cause.
You're not afraid to stand for what's right.

You're a badass, like Grey Fullbuster but in real life of course.
Loving that adrenaline rush,
The way I love it when you send me the sweetest messages.
You're so similar to Grey, Syaoran, or Kyon, or even L, it's quite bizarre really.

You can make me smile and laugh and giggle like an idiot in public.

You are so unbelievably sweet.
You care so much about others,
Protecting your friends always, 'til the very end.
You would do anything for us,
And I'll do anything and everything for you in return.
But I don't think I can ever do enough to show you my gratitude and appreciation,
How glad I am to have you in my life.

The much appreciated way that you can actually hold up a conversation,
And put in your share of the friendship,
Not leaving me to hold up everything and hoping on impossible dreams.

The way you run around my mind like those ***** in a pinball machine that you run back and forth, back and forth.
-flicks my own head and yells at you to stop running around up there so much-

There are so many sides to you...
You're like the color red,
So many shades,
All different,
With different meanings,
Well it's a good thing I love the color red,
'Cause I want to get to know every shade of you, and love each and every one of them, the way I love you as a whole.
To someone I hold dear (cough cough the only known VASH that goes by the name Kiyuki).

Maggie Grace's challenge, a little different but it still works out. ^^ hopefully anyways.

Anime references...
L-Death Note
Kyon- The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Grey Fullbuster-Fairy Tail
Syaoran- Cardcaptor Sakura, Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles, Xxholic

Come back when you hear this song
By 2 PM
Creep Dec 2014
You're a diamond.

I told you this, that one time I allowed myself some vulnerability.
You denied it, but let me tell you,

you are both wanted by everyone,
but little to no one
ever has enough "money" to "buy" you.

You are both
impossible to ever scratch,

always shining,
in the light
in the dark.

Diamonds are a precious stone,
The way you are precious to me.

I'll put diamonds on a necklace,
lay it on my heart,
the way I took your heart
and encompassed it with mine.

I'll try to shatter you, break you apart,
you'll always stay whole
when you want to.

When you don't,
you'll break into little pieces for everyone to
hold, love, cherish,
and one day you'll just disappear on them.

You'll drive women,
and men sometimes,
mad with greed, lust
for your luster, the sparkle (in your eyes).
They'll all fight for you,
and the winner?
Who said the winner gets anything?
Both sly... both heart-breaking... both trying to rip us apart.
when did your heart go missing
by rooney

how to be a heartbreaker
by marina and the diamonds
Just Melz Nov 2014
Tears just stream  
      My face
No one can see
    No one can
The sound of my heart
Into thousands of little bits
           And pieces
I hug myself tight
       Dreaming of another
   Who could love me
Trying to decipher
      What's worse....

Never being loved
Being loved by the wrong guy?

       *I guess I'll just
  Give it some more time....
I want to drown
in your sea.
Whoever you are, I want to find you.

— The End —