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xmxrgxncy Aug 21
pain from within is like a shot of lightning to the chest
that no one sees
but everyone hears

how were we to know that just because we see light
doesn't mean that
better times are coming

light stands for good but connotates putting the bad
out of our heads when
it just gives us a better view
xmxrgxncy Aug 17
blood isn't effective
because someday you'll run out.
we know this.

soak up sun instead
drench yourself in salt water
kick up dirt under your heels
let blades of grass slice open your back

then slice open your mind
it you let your pain come from elsewhere,
you'll have time to produce your own happiness
xmxrgxncy Aug 12
good can always come from bad
call me a hypocrite, but drowning causes life
and thinking causes death
let the water fill your head and void your
recesses of any toxicity that resides there

better to drown in the new than
to stay stuck in the old
and while rain waters can convert to
toxic waste, sometimes a weekly purge
is more than necessary
xmxrgxncy Jul 27
for shaking hands, i find a prudent remedy
is a rainy day
doctors recommend laying on the pavement
with your back pressed to the ground and
eyes closed, mouth open,
drinking in all the purity the sky
offers you

it is only then, in drowning,
that you will remember how to feel
xmxrgxncy Jul 23
sometimes i find it's easier to stop trying to find
that specific blueprint in the back
of a drawer

and create a completely new one based on the
pieces i'm working on and think
outside the box
xmxrgxncy Jul 20
what are issues if not explosions?
i know most, myself included, prefer a slow burn, a quiet scorch,
but explosions are inevitable.
it's figuring out what to do with them and how to navigate them
that is the fun part
you can build so many things
from that amount of pieces
xmxrgxncy Jul 20
fire doesn't always burn out.
once it's there, it is always there.
it may not still be roaring, but embers have a way of incinerating you, just at a slower pace.
that's why i always keep a canister of gasoline handy-
you never know when you need to douse yourself to feel alive.
xmxrgxncy Jul 20
sweet that you can medicate like a normal person
my medicine comes in muses
the curve of the back and the lilt of the voice
how could i feel anything stronger than a fire or a desire to keep listening?
lyrics wrap around my soul and hands wrap around my body
more than advil ever could
xmxrgxncy Jul 20
it doesn't hurt to lose skin against skin sensations?
maybe i'm extraordinary, but
aching hurts
and i ache constantly
xmxrgxncy Jul 20
that temptation for me didn't come in the form of drugs or alcohol but the intoxication others
i admit i found solace in their lips and their hips and everything inbetween
but is it wrong to want lust when love has ****** you?

sometimes i leave my icebox open on accident and
it makes my house absolutely freezing
how come we have to pay
to turn down the heat
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