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The definition of suicide is: the intentional taking of one's own life;

However, what the dictionary doesn’t mention is that suicide doesn’t just steal your life, it steals from the lives of everyone around you;

That space where you fit, it’s empty forever. People can’t replace the part of their life that contained you, they can’t erase the memories you helped them make;

So when you **** yourself, just know that you’re also slowly killing everyone that loved you too;

The definition of suicide is: the intentional taking of one's own life;

Please don’t let that word, be the last verb, that describes you;
If anyone was in any way triggered or offended by this poem, please note that that wasn’t my goal. I know many people everyday stand on the edge of suicide, and if by reading this it made even just one person rethink taking their own life it’s worth having written it. Trust me when I say I’ve been there, I’ve known that pain, and many times I’ve had or acted on those thoughts. But I made it through it, I survived, & so can you. You are loved, you matter, and I thank god you exist.
Jade Welch Nov 2018
You cannot heal me
for I am not a broken soul.
My spirit carries heavy burdens
but my colours never dull.

Pointed torches in my face
this light, it hurts my eyes.
I was led alone, I sobbed
thinking no one heard my cries.

I smile in the face of the enemy
and laugh in the face of a friend.
It is not that I am lying
but that I must pretend.
I find myself
Paranoid and uncertain
I fear that indulging in it
Would justify it being taken away from me
Like currency, I have to work for it
Constantly, to maintain it
Like a luxury, I am not use to it
I have learned to not be dependent
To not make others
My reasons for happinesss
Maybe, it wasn't meant for me
Or else, why would it leave?
To prove every flaw in my hopes
The unfamiliarity causes my body stress
I am use to the chaos of the waves
The stillness of land
Causes me more sickness
Abnormality is my sane
So it feels unsettling to rest
Like a child being held for the first time
After being separated for so long
You cannot simply expect
Them to feel safe
When all they ever felt
Was the absence of it
Cloud Aug 2018
To eat or not to eat?
To disappear into nothingness or to grow and blossom?
To live or to die?
To diet to live?
To live to diet?
To fail or to succeed?
To be strong or to be weak?
To drown or to float?
To be who I am or to be who I wish I were?
To accept imperfection or to strive for perfection?
To be happy and content or to be sad and eternally unsatisfied?
To eat or not to eat?

— The End —