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ryn Jul 2022

still and quiet nights
words come in stifling cascades
borne of sky and stars

Eloisa Jun 2021
And we frolicked with our arms entangled
under the stunning gleam of the moonlight.
With the diamond waterfalls as witness,
dreamy as the rainbow,
cascading solace in our thoughts.
We’re out of the gushing downpour.
though we still hear and feel the water.
Exalting how we climbed
the higher and steeper trail
with dangerous cliffs in thousands,
we continued to hold hands.
With even a tiny bit of love but a ton of hope,
we eradicated fear
and let the light come through.
Merging us again into one!
stitching every hidden torn and burn.
Lyn-Purcell Jun 2018
I sit on the rock under the mist
                of warm sea-pink spray

The sunrise casts its golden beams
               over the hills near and far

      Before meeting the murmuring
       cascades of rosy enchantment
More Sijos on nature, hope you like it!
Working on more Lanterns, too and they will lean more on the fantastical side!
I love doing these, I swear!
Be back soon!
Jordan Fischer Oct 2015
On a new conquest, I embark
Travel light
I found the temple in the dark
Wet, yet warm
Beautiful stems
Curl around my arm
Deeper I go
The water does flow
I feel it in the walls
I hear all of your calls
Carrying on, through the dark damp walls
I found the spot, The spot that has eluded all
A trophy in the form of a waterfall
Cascades over me.

— The End —