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Kay-Rosa Apr 28
Focused on this tim'd delay,
Never knowing what to say,
Figuring out what might remain,
My ****** sky became,
And it spelled my name
It started insane,
Golden rain,
Passenger train,
Aquitane could be home.
But, inside my brain
There's a charlemagne,
A superficial middle cerebral vein,
Pounding and pulsating, keeping things in their lane
Constantly trying to ruin my game,
Crushing my whispering campaign,
But between my ruffed feathers, is my vibrissae
My bristl'd down, my come-in-and-stay,
My soft spot just for you,
"You set my heart aflame,
Every part aflame,
This is not a game."
You say,
trying my patience, pushing the timeframe
Carv'd in the window frame,
That premature hall of fame,
is our name.
All the voices and their claims,
"We'll always be there,
just beneath your vibrissae."
This is pretty much stream of consciousness.
Aa Harvey Jun 2018
Dark Angels

It's a long way down, so grab a hold and make sure you hold on tight;
This is our time to disappear and be never found under this light.
Obscured from the all-seeing; hidden within our darkest souls,
Are the thoughts of a dark angel, his dark angel bride
And the end of all that which you call hope.

Standing in these flames, I feel no pain;
I feel ignited, united and saved from being saved.  
Let the waters fall and bury us all.
With flaming swords we go to war,
Without a shield to protect us; we want to fall.

Words ring aloud and true and break!
Our faith into pieces; we have been lured away.
Lead us into temptation and bring down a notion.
An army against your purity; this is our Heaven.

Destroy their love with a sinister growl.
Our love will die in a blaze of glory; we scowl beneath our cowls.
These walls must fall, for onward steps are forever required.
What chance do you have,
If the deceivers are the ones who will decide?

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Rachael Taylor Apr 2016
Large wings,
Constant mischievous smirk
He fell from the sky
Blurred in shades of red
A war between winged humans
And 9 tailed foxes
Bones snapping,
Metal clashing,
Wings flapping,
Fangs baring
The enemies blood
Mercilessly slaughtering
One another
Proving their strength
Pauline Russell Mar 2016
What was it like before
Before we fell
Before we ended up here
In this darkened place
That feels like hell
Can you tell me please
I don't remember
Maybe I shouldn't
It would just add to it
Was we happy
Was skies blue
What was it like before
Before we fell
I believe we are all fallen Angels, these bodies are our hell. We are all just trying to get Home again!!
Crystal May 2014
The evil demon haunts the night
Giving the world one heck of a fright
They slay they slaughter
They cause big fires
They destroy the soul with words left unspoken

The holy angel praises and sings
It's beautiful voice makes rings and dings
They nurture they heal
They are a big deal
They save the lives with words left unspoken

The fallen angels are confused
They feel hopeless and used
They **** and they save
They set free and they slave
They love and hate with words left
So who do you think the humans are?

— The End —