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Hannah f Jul 2015
Spent enough time being depressed
Time to get back on my knowledge ****
Expand my mind instead of my heart
Focus on my body, soul, and purpose
***** about to get real and I can't wait
Hannah f Jul 2015
I'm clueless as to how you really feel
When it happened first it all seemed
Too good to be true
Then you left
And it was
Hannah f Jul 2015
Take the phone cord
Wrap it around my neck
Pull as tight as you can
Make sure the life leaves my eyes
Swollen from tears
Tired of living in fear
My mom doesn't even care
She's on the forefront of my despair
I should've just off'd myself last night
I thought I'd give it another chance
What a ******* mistake
Hannah f Jul 2015
Wrap barbed wire around my body
Pull it tightly, watch the blood come out
It'd cause me some discomfort
But nothing stabs my soul
More than my bare emotions
Hannah f Jun 2015
I sit here in the dark filled with tears
No one seems to care to hear
Always filled up with electric emotions
All I want is one loves devotion
I want arms wrapped around me tightly
Holding me by day, ******* me nightly
But ultimately I just want someone to care
At the level that I do, so I don't have to fear
These electric emotions are all that I have
And to be honest I'd rather be grabbed
Taken away from this time and place
Fast forward to my time of elegance and grace
There's got to be something better awaiting me
My heart is so good and gold, but the world's making it escape me
Hannah f Jun 2015
Literally shaking from the feelings
Tears rolling down my body
Sadness exhumes me constantly
Nothing helps, not even sobbing
My soul burns so hot
I'd rather touch fire
Scorching my bare skin
Instead of my emotions scorching my bare heart
#depressed #depression #lonely #worry #dark #darkness #fromthesoul #scorching #crying
Hannah f Jun 2015
I didn't ask to be pulled into this world
Ripped out of the quiet and comfort of the womb
To be branded and twisted into what they want
Another mindless worker, another dollar
They want you to think life is about work
It's not, life is about LIVING
The sadness I see in a crowd is unbearable
Everyone longs to free themselves
Of these heavy shackles of society
So tell me, fellow beings
How do we break free?
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