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Bhill Sep 2019
The meaning of chaos is a ”Disordered State”
Topsy and Turvy and somewhat irate

If your life is in chaos, it's by your own choice
Why did you pick it, you do have a voice

To be in that state takes its toll, I am sure
To come out of your chaos, will take a detour

Go ahead and try it, you may be suprised
Life without chaos is what is advised

Brian Hill - # 236
Come out of chaos...
Matthew Jan 2019
I know you've never seen me before,
but I've always been here.
Just invisible
Just a poem
Matthew Jan 2019
I know the day this becomes my old poetry

I will see all its faults
"This was wrong and that was false"
I'll say in one big fit.

There won't be anything
that makes me angry
besides my own accidents.

Maybe it's ironic
how I'll inquire
why it made an impact.

I look now with love,
later with loathing,
and long ago with the least.
I honestly don't really like this poem
Danial John Feb 2018
You must be settling.
That's what you told me.
Me and you, I'm must be reaching...
You and him, seems like it's reversed.

**** me.
**** him.
And what do you want?
**** us

I know more than you think.
That's why I always reach.
I see the best and learn to love the rest.
Everybody I love is the best.

Why do you pain me so?
It may be my fault.
My feelings are my law.
But then again, what do I know?
Jathan Hall Nov 2016
sadness covered by the facade that everything's okay when it's not;
Death in the back of my mind;
As I slowly **** time and unwind;
I guess I start to feel fine;
I go back in this same sad state;
Now I'm irate;
Angry at the world and myself;
I just load the gun and wanna shoot myself;
Get rid of all this pain and suffering;
Start a new life and be happy;
The real question is after all this;
Do you wanna be happy?

— The End —