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flitting Apathy Apr 2020
i dont burn my calories
i *******
i n c i n e r a t e      them
         obliterate them
break my fist for their departure
  e                        and     s    v    r
   e                                     a    o    y

Anne Scintilla Oct 2018
Our efforts remain,
In landfills – incinerate,
Try reaching the sun.
this is for the half-baked work and sad attempts, we continue to give. i don't know how we can save humanity from the lament of our planet.

Harry Roberts Sep 2017
You don't care,
So ******* to.
Life's never fair
Or nearly ever through.

I burnt like a *****
At the stake a witch,
Heretic, non conformist,
On a penny you switched.

I was cinders
Amidst the timber,
Never could fit
So to the rest thought **** it.

Pour the fuel
It's raining from buckets,
Abrasion, the friction makes it hot,
Sparks & burns the ******* lot.

I'm chaos, worth more than the
Pay off,
A taste of fury to satiate your thirst,
Once a lick and forever you'll be cursed.

Kiss Kiss ~
Leave my lips pursed,
Hands on my hips
You find Apathy dispersed.
And from the fire that had burned her
So many times before
She raised as ashes
Unbreakable as ever
And flew like a falcon 
To hunt down and ****
The ones who incinerated her

— The End —