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Madison Butler Sep 2016
He comes over spewing quandaries.
He doesn’t understand.
How can I explain his life
when my own is sifting sand?

The world tilts left and right
never finding balance.
He sees me fixed and centered.
I’m contained.
Chaotic torment.
I have this friend who is a very material person. He just doesn't see much past whatever is right in front of him. He comes over and asks my advice on everything, and he stays for hours. I wouldn't mind so much if his problems weren't all so frivolous. But I'm a solitary person for the most part and I have my own problems. Spending hours every day hashing over the same stupid **** just gets tiring I guess.
So this is the result. Its not good, and its not thought out. Less effort than I would normally put forth, but its raw and something about me likes it.
Madison Butler Jan 2016
I can live with being lonely.
I’ve been this way for quite some time.
Don’t get me wrong.
You’re beautiful and kind,
but I cant put my heart on the line.

I haven’t known your kind of love.
I fall in love with stupid things.
Like the smell of home,
Or the woods in autumn;
The sound of church bells on the breeze.

I’ve never needed any more,
And lonely’s all I’ve ever been.
I know you’re hurt.
You have a right to be.
But being lonely’s not a sin.

— The End —