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Sometimes I wonder...
Could anybody love me?
Would someone care to
Take the time
To discover my longings,
And the secrets that I cover?
Would there be one that
Wished I would be the one?
One he could watch shooting stars with,
Not to wish his girl was one of those
Falling rocks:
A Bolide,
Gone in an instant.

I am a shooting star.
I shine bright enough
For others to take notice.
They always
Wish I was theirs to own,
Wish to kiss my sweet lips,
And wish I didn't leave so quickly.
But they don't have the resolve to
Stop me.
They lust.
They don't love.
If they loved, they would stop me.

Love is eating ice cream at a park,
Dancing slowly at a party,
Doing homework together while talking about
Each other.
Love defines a personality.
Suddenly, your world isn't about
Anymore. It is about
You think about
Your other half,
Not yourself.

Love is watching the shooting stars
With two mugs of hot cocoa.
For me, love is a dream away.

Sometimes I wonder...
Who can love a shooting star?
Bolide Definition: a shooting star.

It is you Honesteyes ;)
I smile.
I know I've seen you before.
Before this trouble started.
Before I wept in pain.
Before I saw you day-dreaming.
Long before we met.
I saw you,
I know you!

I remember it like
Clouded crystal,
Clearer in the remembering,
Than in the veiled details hidden anew.
You were there--
So was my prince.
The darker was upset,
Grieved because soon, too soon,
I would be away.
The lighter made a promise--
A promise he could keep.

I know you wouldn't remember,
I know you might forget now,
But you made a promise,
A promise to me,
A promise to him.
You will protect,
You will be a light.
You will be my knight.
You will be my friend eternal.
Netop definition: Indian word meaning "friend."
Remember that elementary game?
The one that you say you love someone,
Then avoid each other constantly?
Like how the sun and moon
Chase each other,
Yet never meet?
Let's play that game.
You can be the Sun;
I'll be the Moon.

The Moon envies the Sun:
He shines bright, giving life to all.
The Moon's beauty is dull,
Reflecting only what she captures
From the glory of the Sun.
On the night where he runs faster
Than she can chase him,
The Moon cries,
Lost in the darkness,
Haunted by the emptiness.

Does the Sun miss the moon
When she falls behind?
It's not noticed if he does:
He shines bright either way.

The Moon wonders,
"What would it be like
To be the Sun?"
All bright and glorious,
With many envying him.
Remember one time that
She stood out,
That she proved herself.
That never happened:
She was only ever the Moon.

She shines,
But in no way is that
Good enough.
She wants to be with the Sun,
To learn,
To grow,
Just like everyone else.

But when the Sun
And the Moon
Everyone is silenced into
Terrible and terrific wonder.
Is it right to be together?
Is it good?
Is it safe?
Panic sets in the Moon,
And they part as soon as the
Moment came.
Does the Sun love the Moon as
The Moon adores the Sun?
Does the Sun
Ever Miss the moon?

The Moon will never know.
Fossick Definition: To search hard for anything of value
My favorite dreams are those that are
Yet so unlikely to ever happen.

Dreams can be a random mix of brain
But sometimes truth is evident in dreams,
Only detected by God and the dreamer.

Holding hands for comfort,
Even in dreams,
Hands give strength and support,
As well as conformation of love.
I hope my "happily ever after"
Involves me holding hands for ever and ever,
With prince charming,
The man of my dreams.

I know he is out there:
I dreamt of him.
Cordate Definition: Shaped like a heart.
Is the feeling you give me.
I watch your eyes,
Your caring careful honest eyes,
Watch in fascination the awe, respect, and love evident in a single glance.
I’m as fragile as a bird in your hands,
Holding me close but not carelessly.
Patiently, seeing me cry and
Being there to lift me up.
You are a refuge to me,
Smiling softly as I fall further in love with you.
Losing my breath every time I glance at you.
You are so beautiful,
Is this a dream?
I dance,
With you in my arms,
Without any music, because today and forever
I need only your song.
I hope you know,
You are wonderful.
Watch me smile as I
Melt in your deep chocolate eyes.
Your fingers trace my lips softly,
Can you feel the smile cross my lips
As my cheek is pressed against yours?
Another mental picture taken
While in eachother’s arms.
I miss holding you so closely.
I love being a sunrise to you,
Safe in your arms,
Holding my heart.
I will be vulnerable,
Trusting you to my core,
Giving you my secrets and smiles.
Complete peace,
As I listen to your deep breathing.
I love the feeling of trust that I have
When you are next to me.
A soft smile crosses your lips when I kiss your cheek.
You make me smile,
I can see the light in your eyes,
You are the sun.

I love you.
Curled up,
The brightness inside me is sick again,
Catching a cold from the words others have said,
Aching as it trembles in the
Recesses of my heart.
I try to remember your words,
Your sweet, warm, kind, loving words,
You tell the truth,
Because I know you do.

Thank you for the words you have given me.
Every moment I spend with you,
I feel that I am of worth.
Reminding me of the person I want to be
And the values that I hold to.
I have never met another like you,
You are precious and
Remind others of their goodness.

Thank you my wonderful friend.
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