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Jeramy Souder Mar 2020
To the padlock clamped on the bridge
One engraved with our initials
Enclosed within a heart
I thank you
Holding ever strong
Against the abuse of storms
I wish love was as durable as you
With a broken heart
It is time
To remove the padlock clamped on the bridge
I'm sorry for the inactivity but I'm thinking about getting back into writing! I love this community and I appreciate all of you!
Jeramy Souder Aug 2019
You call yourself a monster
But I’m the one to blame
You found happiness
When I couldn’t find the same

I was only happy with you
Looking into your eyes
Never knowing how much I held you back
Not ever wanting to cut ties

But our story comes to an end
I need to say goodbye
I want to believe that I can make you happy
But we both know that a lie
It’s me. It was never you. Please stop blaming yourself. I was always the selfish one
Jeramy Souder Aug 2019
The feeling of craving
Your lips on mine

Hands softly holding one another
Distant souls combining as one

A connection made not just with lips
But of lustrous affection

Understand that in the moment
Everything is safe

Reassurance of unceasing love
Made with just one kiss
Jeramy Souder Aug 2019
Pictures fade from wondering minds
Left to what is a distant memory

Once a happy moment now blurred
With the passing of time

I want to remember
The feeling of those days

Now dissolving into nothing
Just as images on a screen
Jeramy Souder Aug 2019
They say time heals all
But I still feel the pain

The clock ticks
Each second wasted without you

Even if you’re gone
Time marches on

I must do what is right
And endure the pain
Jeramy Souder Jul 2019
I wish life was like a fairy tale
Bright colors and happiness
Soulmates with never-ending love

Life isn’t like that
Just cruel and non-forgiving
Everyone waiting for their happy ending
Jeramy Souder Jul 2019
One grows wiser with age
I’m younger so I must not understand

However, I did feel the pain of her leaving
Because of that I’ll grow ever smarter
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