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Tomorrow it arrives
A gift to make this life worth it
To many a joyful bliss
To me a souless disease
Clinging to me like a *****
To survival and health
The thunders of reality hit me
And tomorrow is my last
Egmont tonight, only tonight
The world be rid of me then
eins, a face I'd recognise whenever, wherever
Presently, a reflection of myself in a deep
Shade of red on the tiled floor.
zwei, a father's father's head looks back at me
A torso sat behind it, as souless as ever before
A false god
drei, a last kiss
Shared between two, both adrift
One literally, one physically
I kiss the spirit
Sunshine splitting my vision
This it already, what fun awaits
The purple layer of madness around me
The source of Blue opened infront of me
I sip and sigh
A triumph
A calmness takes me
A monster given a heroes reward
My head leaned back,
A smile shared
And returned
Fear now shattered
Victory won
Overture now done.
In the comfort of darkness
I see not my life
Nor my sins
Red flags hidden by
The blood coming from me
The way I've always wanted
A maze of thorntrees
I now stand it
With everything I want
But nothing I need
Hatred my last friend
Regret my remaining love
Art my punishment
A grim reminder
Of a life no longer in reach
Ink of permanence
Telling me I'll forever be alone
Destined for self annihilation
On my way to what I deserve
Theft my crime
Stealing what I could never use
Yet others thrive on
Vision blurring out
As the cool water becomes dark
Dark with my payment
As darkness encloses me
The shadows lift
I am free forever
In a world where nothing makes sense
There's a protection I use
A distraction in which I'm in the clouds
Hidden away from the reality I've created
A scared lonely boy
Acting like a child hiding in a corner
With sweet symphonies protecting him
Listening to the words he wants to hear
Telling me to ignore reality and give in
Give into a goodbye
Finally there is a sense to it all
A living world full of skeletons
A comfort worth dying for
I'm a wreck rearranging chairs on the Titanic
Staring at the incoming water, waiting
UNTIL the sunflower lifts me up to the clouds
Where I am safe.
Joke was on me
A free man
Born a king
Died a slave

I was looking at the sky
My hands over my eyes
My head bend down
Thinking about what I said

Jokes on me
Which got everyone laughing
When I started to cry
Until I tried laughing

I died
Everyone started living
But the funny part
The joke was on me
My time has come
Chills through my spine
Love got me on a hook
On the edge
If I'm not back by tomorrow
Carry on
Do better this time please
I'll be watching from a throne
In heaven
Or in chains
In hell.
Sometimes I wish I wasn't born at all
But my time has come
Goodbye everybody
I've got to go
Have to turn my back and face the music
Just to be fair
I don't really care
Life ain't that rare

If you can bare it
I can't
If you can do it
I can't

**** all these people that feed me lies
All they can do is despise
I'm still waiting to receive my prize

Hope they end up where I ain't
Cause all they see is I'm doing well
But I can sell that so well, mean time I'm in a cell

I ain't part of a comunity,
I've still got my social virginity
A pure flower in the wind,
taken in by smog and chemicals.

An angel of darkness,
destroyed by earthly woes.

The secret love of my life,
now the thing I detest.

A delicious dish of food,
now a plate of cockroaches.

A strong tree leaning on her own,
now dependant on another.

A sight once seen as perfect,
I now puke at the very thought.

A taste so sweet and rare,
ash in my mouth and stomach.

Liptea be thy secret,
pain be thy end.

If thy purity can't be so or mine,
in the ground belongs thyself.
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