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My love, my life
bound by mind, lust and blood
You a toxic ****
Me, a forest infested

You eat my heart out my chest
I watch you cut it out
Spice it with passion and meaning
and put it back,
clean knife marks dressing it

She touches her lips to mine
As soft as possible,
Placing her hands around my neck.
I feel the rough itch of rope
The tightness I crave
The sudden lunge down, a crack

This will get brutal, if im being honest
She whispers in my ear,
Kissing my ear lobe
Biting it off,
Leaning up, smiling
Blood running down her mouth and neck
Spitting it out

My lovers in a closet
Stuffed into bags,
the stench covered
by the smell of loyalty
My one and only
Lies in a bath of blood
Maintaining her beauty,
only for me.

Harmony and peace
is all I take away
The beauty I see
is a masterpiece at work
Art being composed
Like drinking aged whisky watching the world end
The freedom, the peace, all finality

She pears to me
The look of purity
A creature in its natural form
Bathing in its habitat
Waiting for prey,
Or a mate
Something to love, to eat...

I stand in awe
dropping my dignity
Kissing her blood soaked mouth,
blood covering my hands,
the Warmth enclosing my body
Her eyes show me a path
A path I dont want but cant resist,
I want her...
We have three masks, which one are you wearing right now...?
In the enrolling darkness
I awake to life once more
Healing after you last left
Regrowing my heart you ripped out

I see you as you are now
The happiness and life in your eyes
The joy my suffering has brought
The remains of my heart filling your empty one

No more, life is now mine to command
To appear before you, the person you made me
While celebrating my pain with your demons
You stand shocked, the thought of me horrid

I stare into your eyes
Once a portal to paradise
Neither say a word, mutter a sound
A moment conflicted with history

I unsheathe my sword
A sword meant for the death of the devil
I drive it through your rib cage,
Puncturing your lonely heart

You stare once more at me
Blood filling your lungs
I reluct to shed a tear
Not for what was, but for what wasn't

I pull my sword out
Your blood now decorating it with honor
I step over your corpse
Warmer now then it ever was

A few places forward
Lies your new lover, a newer specimen
Around him your demons praising
I walk to him, waking him purposefully

He sees me, his last sight
A ghost from a distant past
I leave him to Hela, a ritual for her
The blood angel marks his fate

The demons I slaughter
Their words not but poison
Lies that fuelled an old life
Their corpse the foundation of a new life
The conquering of all the heavens and hells would not bring back that which I've lost.
I know not what I am
Nor why I’m here
Or where I’m supposed to be.

I think of all the things
I could be, things I should be
Like staring into an abyss.

I could..
Fly, be happy, have love
All these staring back at me

I should..
Make a life, grow up, get old
But they too lie in the abyss

The freedom to pick either.
To be what one could be,
To be what one should be

Freedom presents anxiety
Anxiety creates dizziness
Anxiety is the dizziness of freedom

The abyss stares back
The thickening blackness
Swallowing me slowly

Promising me
The view from halfway down
The peace behind the dark

Entering the door
Leading me into the future
No promises

The blackness rolls over
I wake up watching
Seeing me, an empty head

A last torment
The blackness waiting to guide me
Leaving me to watch
Writing this from a dark place
On a cold rainy night
The streets are walked
Not by me, nor by you
But by death itself
Watching over all

Death peers through windows
Into the homes, into the lives
Of people going about life
Kids, families, lovers
Seeking out company

Company to fill lonely nights
Down in hell, where screams rule
Not out of pain, nor loss
But how cruel life was to give them hope
Hope that good things last forever

But death stops and looks into a window
And tears fall down its face
As he sees a happy family
Knowing what’s to come
The pain of grieving parents.
Beyond she is,
Apon her throne she sits
Stretching and clawing
Her eyes locked on prey

Her red hair,
Long and pure
Of fire and ember
Burning brighter than the sun

Her body a landscape
Each piece of skin a story
Every scar a prize,
Her eyes the height of the world

Bats protect and watch over
The queen they serve
Horrors they bring,
A pain so pleasant

Her prey grateful
Lining up to be devoured
A meaning to life
To die for beauty to live
To the one I'll never have
I tried to stop time for you
But you were gone by the time I came through
A thousand failures and counting
You die no matter what I do

Death always prevailing over me
Leaving me with blood on my hands
On my knees in the snow
Your blood melting through the snow

It seems each time I'm destined to fail
Seeing your face in pain staring at me
I'll meet you in the clouds next time
Where we can be free and love without limits

Where you, my pretty thing
Can hold me like you did before
Before you were unable to walk or run
And I'll kiss your cheek while you blush
Theres a pretty young girl
Watching me, seeing me
Those eyes put galaxies to shame
Makes me wanna be a better me
Theres no limits with her

She's doing pretty young things
All new to me, scary to me
Never felt like this before
She's got what I need
Hope I got what she needs

It's like living in a love movie
Hopefully we'll meet in the end
I'll kiss her in the rain
She'll wrap her arms around me
And we'll go off into the sunset

She's the girl from the songs
The one knights fight for
Whose beauty can't be measured in a poem
My heart is heavier because of you
You keep me down to Earth

Her glance turns away from me
Away from the crowd I'm in
The camares go off, the screen goes black
The light hits like a electric shock
That's all it seems be to...
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