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Lila Platt Sep 2021
deep green forest lit by the faraway sun
leaves crunch under his step, echoing the blast of a gun
her dirtyblonde hair tainted crimson red
some things are better left unsaid
they say fetch the profiler whose sanity is challenged
maybe he’ll notice the parts that were salvaged
look at the ritual, the signature, the crime
what is the significance, what is my design?
remove my glasses, step into his mind
sometimes I wish I had been born blind
analyze the evidence, make the connections
step out of the box that controls your projections
there is no one disorder to explain
the things that go on inside of my brain
From the perspective of will graham <3
Bleurose Nov 2020
Blood has been on your lips this night
But I will kiss them anyways.
Smooth and rich,
Life drips through your calloused fingers.

Expensive taste, expensive heart
Your words become holy
Mine, mine, always mine.
But always you run free.
Anyone, but me.
Yes this is absolutely a Hannibal TV Series fan poem
Raven Jul 2020
One day, my mind screams, one day. But I have waited. I have struggled. I am hanging on bare threads but I don't know for how much longer. Some day they will rip. I will fall. Will somebody catch me or watch how I splatter on the ground? Will they enjoy the sight or mourn the lost possibilities? Will they pity themselves? The only consolation for me would be to never have to listen again. Disappointement came and went whereever I stood. Never enough even when I gave everything I had.
Now, do you see? Why I reveled in your gaze? Bashed in your intelligence? Thought fondly of our conversations? Could truly call you friend?
Do you understand? Why I needed you? Why I had to be seen by you? I wanted everything you could give, I could take and vice versa. But still. As always. I am not enough. A disappointement I might be. A tool for many. I thought I was your friend, Hannibal. Maybe it was for all these things together.
A friend who disappointed and did not become as envisioned so the only option left was to use me like another tool in your favour. And look how well that played out. Ever the genius, Hannibal. When the world has forsaken you, there is nothing left. While I never harmed and you slaughtered, I got caged while you kept pretending and living on the stage that is called life.

And look how the spotlight is set on you.

A life for an act and an act for a life.

The crowd is loving you
Niki Nov 2019
My eyes begin to tremble
Is this another dream?
Inside my friend, the devil
was lying underneath.

No, it's not a dream
Nightmares never cease
The beast that stood before me
saw nothing more than feast.

A feast consisting of my flesh
and drenched into my blood
My heart enfeebled in my chest
as his face began to rot.
Inspired by the TV series "Hannibal"
Raven Feb 2020
Deep inside a forest
Hushed whispers can be heard
A creature of humanity bereft
Has got the nightlife quite disturbed

Eyes as black as blood
Reflect in the moonlight
Bare feet buried in mud
A sharp smile widened in delight

Skin pitch black
Leather to the touch
Antlers on its head
A stag in its clutch

Sharp claws caressing its snout
An unusual couple
There never was a doubt
That the stag would either
Bustle, shuffle, struggle or buckle
Instead it muzzled, nuzzles, cuddles and snuggles
All the while the creature subtle chuckles

Blending into darkness
Ready to strike and attack
You can feel each others fondness
Of him and the black feathered stag
Carlo C Gomez Nov 2019
There once was a rotten tax collector
Who combed the rich Italian sector
   He lined his grimy pockets
   By cheating those he audits
Alas! today's appointment was one Hannibal Lecter
Silence of the Limericks
Candis Soul Jan 2018
I often wake up in sweats afterwards
My paranoid enjoyments began to seize me
I felt wrapped in the wonderment of it all only to fall back into reality
Taking a step back I begin to recognize my failure
The emotions fly around like a wild animal desperate for life
Inching closer to death I suddenly feel alive
Sprung into action and free
Will my sanity be saved today
Will my course be set
Will my mind be free
Tormented by daily pictures of memories
Keeps me at bay
Racing...forever fast
The end is coming
But not until my next meal
Inspired by Hannibal the series season one... I really dig this show. Not because of all of the gory details nor the forensics part of it. I love the script...I listen carefully to how they speak. I love it.
Stella Cleere Nov 2015
I am the architect of my own bell-jar.
I designed it myself,
took away the edges
to leave only smooth curves.
Meticulous work,
done almost lovingly
but not quite.

Here, one could get comfortable,
immune to the waves that crash around you.  
Of course you can see them, those great walls of water,
yet you are defended in your fortress of glass
borne not of sand
but of life's consequences;
biological quirks.

I saw my bell-jar rise around me
and now can almost call it home.
I frequent it so often;
I know every inch of it,
all of its reflected imperfections,
and while it may hollow,
I understand it.
Both shelter and prison
to begin and to end
with me.
Levi Sep 2015
This fairy tale is over
I know it's never our story
Maybe, I'am feeling not myself
In a mirror saw someone else
What's the mystery, no one knew
Not even I, not even you
We don't have an ending
But a beautiful beginning
Things I imagine and that I knew
Are not meant to be view
Things I did and forgotten
Places I've never thought I'd go
When I told you my dreams
You just laugh and left me with a smile
I play always this kind of game
You scream, run and try to hide
I prepare this and enjoy it every time
The silence surrounds you now
too much Hannibal TV Series
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