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  Dec 2019 Bleurose
Anne Webb
Love is strange, don't you think?
I though he loved me
but he loves her more
and it hurts, deep inside
so I put on his sweater he didn't notice I wore

he didn't

Yet once in a while
his love is so warm
now I cry on the floor
with time passing by
hoping he'll find me behind the closed door

he didn't

I know this all might
be just my own mind
simply fooling around
but it hit me so hard
and only he can help me get up off the ground

Because I cannot tell you how I feel...

This poem is not about romantic love, which might come as a surprise. It's about a friendship, that is very important to me. Yet I am not sure about *him*....
Bleurose Dec 2019
I put my headphones on to run away, to seal off my life from my head.
Just to feel normal.
To be away from you, from this, from everyone.
Because if I'm not myself, I'm not lonely.
"Come on come on turn the radio on it's Friday night..."

"We do strange things to feel normal."
  Dec 2019 Bleurose
explicit content

So, here's what you're going to do
Place your hands on my waist
C'mon, dear, like you mean it!

Alright now pull my hips to yours
Yes, that'll do nicely
So I can feel your body against mine
Now, kiss me gently, lovingly
And then again like you need me
Like you lust after me
Like I excite you

Now, pull away and I'll bite my lip
To hold the place of your tongue
Tear my shirt off over my head
Throw it somewhere
Undress me quickly
Show me you need my body

And together we'll fall on the mattress
Where we entangle ourselves in lust
Mmm.... darling you excite me
And clearly I you...

Now ******* thrill me.

I'll put you on your back
Lie flat and let me take you!
I'll have you now
Fingers trace your v-line down...
Wrap myself around you
As we're both hit with pleasure

Our bodies scream for more
As I tease you from above

Oh, but you won't have that, will you?
No, what a powerful man
Take over
I'll surrender

If you make me

Throw me aside and make me your slave
Touch anything you like
I'm yours tonight
Let me feel the strength in your arms... in your hips
Tell me you CRAVE more of me
Be cruel, be kind
Set me on fire with bliss
Darling, more!

Yes... yes there... right there.... that's it now...
Yes... a bit more... go on...

then it hits.
the rush.
the flood.
and as it fades I'll scream for you to do it again!
let's get it back, shall we?
mm... yes... yes that's it, dear...
keep giving me that...
make me your woman.
Found I had a bit of ****** energy that needing releasing...
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