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Denny C Aug 2018
It's not as easy as a light switch
When you're feeling like this

To block the pain
Or refrain
From thinking things will never change

It's deeper than the pop of a pill
But still
It eases more than the thought will

Rain can pour for days on end
And then
You feel the sunlight spread within

Now you see through clearer eyes
And you start to realize

That things will get better

The sun is just beyond the clouds.
Denny C Aug 2018
You're a midsummer dusk drive
Down a long dirt road
The puzzle piece that fits just right
To me you feel like home
The first cup at daybreak
A leaf changing in Autumn's breeze
The soft crash a wave makes
You're everything I see
Warm sweaters on chilled nights
Happiness guaranteed
A whiskey blend distilled twice
You're everything to me

You are all the good things. You're everything.
Denny C Aug 2018
The hourglass tips and time spills
out of pocket watches as the sun goes
from low to high and nothing is still
but all the beauty in the world knows
that the repetition of being occupied
and filling cracks with empty endeavors
till the moon glows and the sun subsides
to acquire diamonds that say forever
will never satisfy or soothe
quite like the presence you feel when you

Take time -- really listen.
Denny C Aug 2018
An arid wasteland
Without the taste of water
You're the rose that grew
You bloom anyway.
Denny C Aug 2018
His hands were red like cherry juice that dripped in late December
The last thing he said to her he now could not remember
A lipstick stain remained on a fragment of a wine glass
Swept under a twill rug, reminiscent of time passed
She was a Marigold, tinged with a heavy glow
He was winter cold, for she was unable to grow
She was far too beautiful for this world or the next
He lost her a lifetime ago, although he won't confess
Sick, the voices told him to do it
Surrendering to them just to get it through quick
Now and then he sees her in the meadow by their home
He goes to her and feels her breath, but he's standing all alone
Seeking a reminder in the coolness of the air
Digging up the bones of something that was never there
His reflection, the pain, a life that had been fled
For she was always just another voice in his head

An aura of whipsers
Denny C Aug 2018
A burst of lightning
Thunder rolls in the distance
The rainbow is you

Shine through the storm.
Denny C Aug 2018
You gave me shelter
You made it a home
You gave me a friend
When I felt alone
In this life
You've given me
You've shown me the way
You set me free
There is no me
Without you
By way of me
Your soul shines through
There's not enough
All I can offer
Is all my love

Appreciation is the essence of humanity -- let it show.
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