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DalPal Sep 2014

The perception of
beauty is all opinion.
so nothing is not...

does this make sense?????
Maura Feb 2015

If God is all love.
why is being gay harmful?
a sin is not love.

Ormond  Aug 2012
Zz Red Rose
Ormond Aug 2012

Love in garden rose
Her little hands twining tight
Heart rapt in tendril

Bo Burnham  Mar 2015
Haiku 3
Bo Burnham Mar 2015

Old people's skin sags
Because it is being pulled
To the Underworld.

schadenfreude Nov 2014

i am an ice cream.
the way you look at me is
just so hot, i melt.

Conar McVicker Aug 2013

Oh delicious wedge

When you come to be no more

My heart aches with need

Ormond Aug 2012

I am syllables,
Proper numbers in wonder,
Am I haiku now?

Waves on the ocean
Flowing with the moon-set tides,
Met by seas of sand

A simple haiku
schadenfreude May 2015

i once had a crush
he was a fine young man but
he just crushed my heart

now i hate him lol
Sam Barger Oct 2013

Marijuana Bowls
Imagination Enforced
Embracing Your High.

Arpan Rathod Apr 2015

"Their lips tremble,
Like the strings of his guitar,
She is his melody for life now."


Tried this one...
Ashley Somebody Jul 2014

Goodnight all, I'm done
I will see you at sunrise
Or somewhere in there.

Maybe more like 9:30
Alice Morris Feb 2015

The magical sound,
of the cascading water,
natural beauty,

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