Time is the best thief,
Stealing youthful innocence
By the time we’re 12.

exhausted by your
chants, charms, they don't work on me
i'm immune to you

22.1.18 /  hell will freeze over before i fall into your arms again
Amanda 1d

I guess I always
Knew in the end you would
Choose drugs over me.

After almost five years I am finally done being put second and although it breaks my heart and kills me I can't let you keep both of us anymore.
Blake 1d

i'm going to leave
there's nothing more that I want
than to end my pain.


As opposed to horse sense, the horses are more sensible.


And they did 58 years ago for me, and still say yes.


Children's game presently played  - necessary when you are led by children instead of adults.
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