warm rocky outcrops
lead to hot springs below
a pleasant respite

A tongue needs no bones
Mine is lemon and honey
Prickly by nature

I have what you don't
A balanced filter for two
For sour and sweet

A tongue needs no bones
To cut in and wound someone
So, wield your sword well

Based on an incident that happened today. There is a time and a place to say things but some things should not be said, let alone thought.
joriz 1d

tunay nga naman
merong magpakailanman
sa kamatayan

Song of seduction,
Summer's night in Paradise
A nightingale sings


Transient phantom
Whispered beauty of the moon
Recalls her promise

Light-haired and bright-eyed
Behind her beatific smile
Sorrow and anger

For she is the child
The song of wind and the lake
Bound by destiny

To be the shadow
Of the three luminaries
And stain her tulle dress

Upon the still lake
She will glide through with passion
Her heart is a tomb

This poem is based on a dream I had last night. I'm seriously enjoying writing in haiku forms.

big orange sky smiled
a happy 'how was your day'
cya tomorrow

Inspired from last night sunset :)

‪Happy birthday, babe ‬
‪I'm so happy you were born. ‬
‪I love you so much‬

Be sure of one thing
Use that tongue and taste your words
Before you loose it

Easier said than done sometimes and not everyone has a filter. This is dedicated to people I once knew...

An autumn leaf in
July!..tapping in soft breeze
to go back to sleep

I saw brown leaf in garden this evening x
Molly 2d

If I ran for the
horizon, would you follow
me over the edge?

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