And you know I do,
And so does my unicorn,
We both miss you, dear

A pleasant valley
Offers its serenity:
Tossed in the moonlight.

It seems that I'm in Haiku mode this morning.
Chaetura 1d

Lavender bells sway
abloom in spring sun and wind
crowns for honeybees

Saw you in my dream
We were laughing in pure glee
Woke up so happy

The past few months I've had so many dreams about a girl I use to be close with. All of those previous dreams were either very awkward or just sad and depressing because all we put each other through. This was the first one that was just pure happiness and joy. It was just filled with so much life and the feeling of being free.

Destiny told me,
That today is not the end,
Tomorrow just a beginning,
And come what may,
We'll always find a way,
Back to love again;

Maybe time will tell,
Even when it stands still,
No hour passing by,
Just a change in scenery,
From day to night,
A different pace,
A brand new phase,
And lovely faces,
One you've seen in dreams,
Put can never seem to place,
Because destiny told me,
That maybe we're meant to be,
Not right now, baby,
But eventually,
If only you understand the possibility,
Of how you complement me,
The way I love you completely.


"That was like tripping
On acid." "I loved that when
I was ten" I said

"Well, that would explain
Quite a lot about you, then"
My friend mumbled back

Who knew that you could
On two hours of sleep, and
Walk miles all day

Sitting out of dance
We realized that we were
"Punky emo" teens

EPCOT, in the end
Is half Thinking Day
Made professional

Also, my dreams are
Apparently far too weird
To have been healthy

I loved Figment as a kid. :)
Also, it's a small world is still equal parts amicable and unsettling.

Please, please, please God help
I'm wearing a big nice smile
and I'm positive

As the darkness wanes
and dawn softly lights your face
I remember why

©LadyofRavenhill 4.27.17
Haiku #31

Solely your heart love
that captured my attention
your sweet heart alone

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