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Salmabanu Hatim Oct 2018
I am a Romeo or a lucky one,
I have both,
A wife and a girlfriend.
My wife is my T.V.,
Stable, always there,homely,
No extra cost,
Only pay for maintenance.
Enjoy it when home,
With popcorn,hot coffee or tubs of icecream.
Even has a remote for you to control it,
But no talking,
Keep quiet and listen.
My girlfriend is my mobile,
Lovely, slim and ****.
Turns people's heads when you go out with it,
It's portable,
Take her everywhere with you,
Talk and listen,
Play with it without getting tired.
No remote to control it,
Expensive to maintain,
Pay or get disconnected.
Can be hacked or stolen easily,
Have to be careful of viruses,
Easily replaceable.
sunprincess Oct 2018
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Same poem, different day
Same poem, different day

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Same old poem different day

Seems some poet's poems never trend...

It's official HP!!!
Hello Poetry has been hacked!

Sorry HP, I believe your site has been hacked
and you can't convince me otherwise
thehiddenwriter Jan 2018
I was standing somewhere alone,
watching things come and go,
listening to the noises and voices around me,
that moment was constant,
as nothing felt different,
no person or thing made me hold my breath a moment longer,

but then you came,
like a wind,
which turned into storm,
and somehow
you cancelled all the loud noises,
you blurred all the excessive frames,
it was as if you hacked my mind and
made me focus my everything on you.

I don’t know what happened in that moment
but it was different,
and for me
love is something different
something that mesmerizes you,
amazes you, and something that you hold onto.
January 9 2018 almost 2 pm and
I am writing this somewhere in the corner
Paul R Hensley Jan 2016
Now i'm here
But where's here?
What's here?
Scary faces?
Hacked up children?
Death lingers here
I'm sure...
But what's this
It's just your mothers dead corpse
How sweet
This place they call earth
But really it's really just ****
But you on the other hand
Are my life's work
I'll never understand you
Because you're human.

— The End —