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Jme Love Jun 6
Manipulating, maneuvering, DarrylWade; he so kool&he, chills in the shade like willow trees. a field o'dreams, or inspirations just build it son,be dedicated, no wastefull thinking,or contemplating, to accomplish goals , u must have patience. Strive for it! U can do it, if u see it, then choose it, if its in ur grasps, grab at it, keep tha pursuit and determination will be ur success ; never the less even if ur not in first place u ahead of the rest. Head on swivle& ya mind in check. Resiliantly vigilant. Unpredictable& achieved, all cause u believed. I can & i will.
ByDarrylFontenot on jme luvs fone
Does anyone know, can anyone tell,
my memories jarred,
can't remember so well,
my instinct, my feeling, got kicked out of hell?
thought it was heaven,  
enraptured so bright,
not sun, but a fire,
in dark, darkest night.

Brains' blind spotted angle,
horror, shock, brimming tide ,
dark stained blackness,
encompassing wide,
killed all my  innocence, before she could hide.

Monstrous, fanged, hairy, wide shadowed, mouth,
wind, fire, thunder, hailstoning shout,
anchor skewered into my spine,
carrying all this, while still drinking wine,
in lalaland where I feel fine,
don't drink don't smoke what do I do ?
Jordan Hudson Jun 2019
Cyber attack
Cyber attack
Imma get you back
Report to the gram
IG can
Overflow of likes
Policy strikes
Online revenge
Report sent
Banned later
Where you went
Rules will bend
Message unread
Blocking you and you
What? Gotta block you too
What'd I do
Posting pics
They too lit?
Posting pics
Not gonna quit
Get away
Stay away
From my profile
Or I gonna go wild
On you
And you too
Cyber attack
Cyber attack
Imma get you back
Report to the gram
IG can
Overflow of likes
Policy strikes
Shift my mood
To being rude
Come on dude
Get a life
Stop messing up mine
Won't tell you twice
It just ain't right
Cyber attack
Cyber attack
Imma get you back
Report to the gram
IG can
Overflow of likes
Policy strikes
Penguin Poems May 2019
Got an email from someone I thought I knew
Curious to know what we were up to
Clicked on the link, but it was just a ploy
To hack into my life and use me as a toy.

Broke into the hardware in my head,
Consumed my credit cards, ushered me into debt
Hacked into and manipulated all I felt
Controlled and restricted the hand I was dealt.

Even with my new passwords and new email
The scar of the hacker will never fully heal.
Blamed it on them being the stone cold *****,
But I’m the one who let them hack with a single click.
So I opened a link in an email from someone and my family got hacked so this is that but d e e p lol.
Salmabanu Hatim Oct 2018
I am a Romeo or a lucky one,
I have both,
A wife and a girlfriend.
My wife is my T.V.,
Stable, always there,homely,
No extra cost,
Only pay for maintenance.
Enjoy it when home,
With popcorn,hot coffee or tubs of icecream.
Even has a remote for you to control it,
But no talking,
Keep quiet and listen.
My girlfriend is my mobile,
Lovely, slim and ****.
Turns people's heads when you go out with it,
It's portable,
Take her everywhere with you,
Talk and listen,
Play with it without getting tired.
No remote to control it,
Expensive to maintain,
Pay or get disconnected.
Can be hacked or stolen easily,
Have to be careful of viruses,
Easily replaceable.
thehiddenwriter Jan 2018
I was standing somewhere alone,
watching things come and go,
listening to the noises and voices around me,
that moment was constant,
as nothing felt different,
no person or thing made me hold my breath a moment longer,

but then you came,
like a wind,
which turned into storm,
and somehow
you cancelled all the loud noises,
you blurred all the excessive frames,
it was as if you hacked my mind and
made me focus my everything on you.

I don’t know what happened in that moment
but it was different,
and for me
love is something different
something that mesmerizes you,
amazes you, and something that you hold onto.
January 9 2018 almost 2 pm and
I am writing this somewhere in the corner
Paul R Hensley Jan 2016
Now i'm here
But where's here?
What's here?
Scary faces?
Hacked up children?
Death lingers here
I'm sure...
But what's this
It's just your mothers dead corpse
How sweet
This place they call earth
But really it's really just hell
But you on the other hand
Are my life's work
I'll never understand you
Because you're human.

— The End —