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Eric Babsy Sep 2018
I run into a forest with fudge and green frosting trees.
In there I find squirrels made of cheesecake grey sesame.
The acorns are made of candy hard root beer.
Twigs made of cinnamon to my feet adhere.

The ground has bunches of lime gummy grass.
I saw a rabbit of white chocolate run past.
The foot prints were of cocoa divine.
This forest is filled with deserts that seem mighty fine.

I come to a river filled blue raspberry jelly.
That will surely adhere to my belly.
What am I to do with all these treats?
Is it time to run or do I have time to stop and eat?

I see birds made of cookies and cream.
Is this a terrifying nightmare or a beautiful dream?
The snow falls powdered sugar flutters.
Whoops, stepped in droppings made of peanut butter.

Maybe from a chocolatey brown bear.
Just as tame as that white chocolate hare.
I guess I am getting out of here.
All the sugary stuff that will adhere.

Hopefully I do not attract those.
They are red hot fire ants near a cream filled rose.
Though I finally leave.
What just happened I could not believe.
neth jones Jul 2018
I feel gummy
I do 'the correct thing'
and move on ;
I always find your smile cute even before,
But sometimes, I just don't know who my bias is anymore.
Don't make me feel like this too.
Don't smile like that on me too.

You're not really that handsome but you are extremely cute.
You have a really nice voice like I'm listening on a flute.
I just can't get my eyes off you.
You're a dangerous man,
And your last name starts with M.
Stop killing me with those smiles. I'm getting attracted to you even more.
Sam Hain Aug 2015
A gummy connoisseur,
The worms that I prefer
Are red with human blood.
They're just so ******* good!

Noah A Baker Jul 2014
I remember,
My usual nonchalant demeanor going completely bananas in my cubicle of a room
After enlisting to deliver you ice cream.
No, not just any ice cream,
Strawberry with bananas and gummy bears.
I thought it as an awkward combination
But when I got in the car,
The sparrows were flying in two adjacent v-shaped formations.
Slightly puzzled, I pondered if maybe one day I'll meet a sparrow, or anything with enough courage to brave the skies,
Soaring, knowing in time, their wings will tire, and locating a perch is then of importance.
Because life's goal, humans and creatures alike,
Is to find a whisper of a nightingale's song,
Or, possibly, the eccentric taste of a spoonful of their favorite ice cream.
Thanks for reading. Hm.

— The End —