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Kenna May 2015
She likes to eat nectar-
ines. In the kitchen, on a bloated
summer day.

Hair tied back and plastered
to the crown
of her forehead.  

Fingers lazily drumming out
some country
song on the  kitchen counter.

She lets the pools of sweet,
stinging nectar
and saliva linger
on her fingers and pierce
her tear ducts.

Her mama used to
tell her to eat  
like a lady.

Starched fingers,
and dry mouth.

But you just can't  be
a lady
when you're playing
Matthew Randell May 2015
Prejudice helps us
make snap-decisions
Labels help us
know what things are
Gender roles are convenient

Use them if you must
But don't be a c*nt.
xcvii Feb 2015
maybe if my argument had been more convincing
or if i listened to more of your show tunes, read more Shakespeare
maybe if i kissed you harder,
touched you softer,
talked more, talked less
maybe if i were different
you'd love me.

"i don't have a sexuality. i like who i like." it's my philosophy and i'm hoping to god you'll pick it up.

but you don't.

because it doesn't matter that i dressed up for our first date. that i kissed you in your driveway. that i rang your doorbell, met your parents, shook your father's hand. it doesn't matter that i brought you mountain dew at work and let you pick the movie and held you on my lap all those nights. because at the end of the day, i was your experiment. and you're the chemist, in control. you've analyzed your data and drawn the conclusion. no matter what i do, i'm the wrong gender.
Dark Smile Feb 2015
Because when I was 4, my mom told me that I could not like blue because it was a 'boy' colour.  
Because when I was 5, the kids at kindergarten made fun of me for my 'boy' hairstyle.
Because when I was 6, dad refused to buy me a toy car because it is a 'boy' toy. He got me a Barbie doll. 'Good for girls,' he said.
Because when I was 7, my teacher scolded my for my 'boy' handwriting.
Because when I was 8,after a bad fall, my mom lamented that I would never be able to wear a skirt, instead of asking if I was ok.
Because when I was 9 I watched as my relatives mocked my male cousin for cooking. "Leave it to the women" they said.
Because when I was 10, I was told that I ran like a girl. 'But I am a girl', I said. They laughed at my innocence.
Because when I was 11, I was warned my my mother that I would be too fat to be loved. As though his love had to be spread all over my fats.
Because when I was 12, puberty started and the acne set in. It was my mom's worst nightmare.
Because when I was 13, my mom reemphasised that I was too fat to be loved. I felt like ****.
Because when I was 14, I starved myself so that I would be beautiful. I did look like a 'proper girl', my parents agreed.
Because when I was 15, the stress of impending national exams got to me and my hair started to fall out. My mom prayed for my soul, and my scalp.
Because when I was 16, in the car 37 minutes ago. My mom scolded me for my acne scars, saying that I was too scarred to ever get a job, or a husband. Most importantly a husband.
Because gender roles affect us all, male or female. Stop labelling people.
Kaitlyn R Dec 2014
Never the knee
because god forbid
your thighs melted together
and then the men in toupees
wouldn't be able to stake their claim.
Emily Dec 2013
She swallowed her birth control
For she has learned the hard way
That it is her responsibility
To bear the burden
Of bearing a child
While the man **** as easily as he goes
To grab a drink with his friends
While the arms that belong to the body of a woman
Cradle a baby
That cries for milk from ******* that will be drained
And a heart that will be empty
And hardened by men
Who will *** and go again.

— The End —