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Apachi Ram Fatal Jun 2018
ancient hebrew
from the future
A referee blew
between two natures
appear upon returning moses
appeal to those entwined
with their true savior
Mind body soul whole
glacier deep synchronicity poll
ying yang cajole simplicity air hole
entropy cyclically negate negative energy
cleverly consider positive synergy multifaceted
individual units that make up the compound eye
extra sensory inherently ommatidia complimentary
changing perspective viewpoints weatherly
tend to be focused more on internal thoughts
turning feeling and mood inward rather than
seeking out external stimulation
learn to act immediately internalize protract
abstract expressionism enact disposition intact
subjective emotional emphasis cognizant in fact
recognize the impact straight away burdened in order
two convey between point A the quickest way godspeed
to reach B stress free relay the ten command
mints relinquishing those unhappy in dismay

if they can't handle truth don't share it with a control freak
tell them the complete opposite of how you truly feel,
to lye to them is to get what you want
if they have the upper hand don't disobey
get naked with them give them
a ******* and more and more ***.

what hurts us makes them stronger control freaks
are your worst enemy if they smoke cannabis they
might relax a bit, but you'll never see them when they're high because there
off controlling stick shifting **** spanking their monkey poking someone
going crazy trying to rejuvenate limitless levels of satisfaction from relief
their seed;

from a lack of emotional intelligence you end up with me feeling as if there's
nowhere to **** and nowhere else to go. so i did it right there in my pants a
third grader shat his pants in class raised his hand and was rejected
by the teachers time running out of class

eye woke up next morning looked in the mirror and found
I didn't recognize the guy I saw a man he looked real sad
it was me looking faded hatred altogether my whole life
never eased up on me a fair man I am is one thing my friends
will tell you about a desperate incomplete fail who bailed bad
habit nailed like a whale on a scale tightly wrapped musical notes;
prevailed at the worst possible moment bound with cords chained
to discord society loopholes overlapping hexachord strong recoiled
a nothing but net hoop lord peace accord flash light
when the time is right a compass of reason freedom fight
                                                                otherwise treason I might
I will follow god's shadow
to the patches where humanity
lights matches,
and the organised masses
inhale virtuous sin like *****

each atom singed with
mindless absurdity,
I love god the most
when I hold my head
high, even when
my heart is heavy

and yet you piously rip flowers
from the minds of
your self proclaimed sinners

--give me reason
or give me death,

soulless conditions,
the oppressed creature's
book of virtue,
follow it and celebrate

eat the bread
of your saviour

drink the wine of his blood

as if this was some type of lunatic fringe
as if we were naive children
invested in murderous thoughts,
wash us away with your spring rain,
harvest rose beds on our dry lands,
just to see them grow into thorns
that convulse
beneath the bed
we lay our hearts in

don't teach me how the world will end,

instead teach me how
it can begin again.
For how many years longer are you going to keep telling every generation to 'have faith' and trust in your version of some imperial deity? Just because someone does not lie on the same premises as you, does that make them unworthy?  Does questioning make us sinners?
  Dec 2017 Apachi Ram Fatal
My dreams are
darker than the holler
on a moonless night
and deeper
than the water
in the creek that flows
so cold
inside of me

I need that girl
from Doe Valley
the one called Sally
that I used to see
along the road
the other side
of Iron Mountain
to lie warm beside of me

The one who made me smile
for a little while
and kissed me on my lips
when her Pop was on a trip
selling his crops
while her Mom shopped
over in Mountain City

But those days are gone
and the holler's still long
and dark most nights
when the creek is quiet
and the cold cuts through
my coat when the moon
forgets to shine on Doe Valley.
Thanks, y'all.
Apachi Ram Fatal Oct 2017
zen manipulate electrons in various states\
migrate matter within range negate radiation\
indicate particles  of ambiguous qualities heart\
rate acceding mean mug gimmickry deflower\
showman stalemate minute of the meeting\
bonsai tree focus attention on mental desertion\
of a post without permission leaving duty\
unconcerned possess contrite phase clout\
initiate conduction butterfly effect\
unconditional require dissertation variation
in the future scale systems of education\
consume clones dogmatic zone emphatic\
wormhole between widely abused encompass\
those sadly disturbing amused separate connect\
ions space time continuum chromium address\
headless tune ⍏ chyme  divine combine celestial\
sign ⍏ bodies pine guide ⍏ shrine unleash\  

out zipper little dipper stick
love without pain set my soul free
  Oct 2017 Apachi Ram Fatal
Lior Gavra
The moment you forget.
Mind wanders with regret.
Eyes blurred, lose focus.
“What’s my current purpose?”

Is spontaneous enough?
Chasing a dream, tough.
As a child we rushed,
what was all the fuss?

The lost moment finds.
The lost moment unwinds.
The lost moment reminds.
Messes with our minds.

In that moment there is clarity.
We connect with our reality.
Understand humanity.
Endless possibilities.
Test our comfortability.

A chance to breathe.
Rebirth and see.
Are we where
we want to be?

Take that lost moment,
to reset your focus.
To find yourself and
your new found purpose.
  Oct 2017 Apachi Ram Fatal
The surf provides lullabies
as ocean echoes roll.
Too soon, the sunlight glitters
as the dawn turns gray to gold.

I wake and I rub my eyes
beside the sandy beach
My love beside me, languid lips
within an easy reach.

I whisper, sweet good mornings
as your dreams I brush away.
You stretch and yawn, responding to
requests to "come and play".

Lingered memories caress,
of last night's rising moon
with silver waves and ripples,
beyond the dark lagoon.

In shades of colors that mix and smudge
you take your time, no rush
My ******* tingle, at the thought
upon my skin, spreads flush.

In reverie, flutters reminisce,
your wanton body on mine.
Whispered moans in my ear, you ******,
"I'm yours", I hear on rewind.
When last night's... turns into this morning's
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