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Genevieve Apr 2017
I wanna lick it,
Taste it just a tad longer!

I wanna put my lips upon its
succulent flavour.

I wanna save what I had before it dissolves and is gone forever,
To move it all around with my tongue is a delight every single passionate night.

Please don't let this end its just too **** good you know its true,
I knew when I saw it that it would be irresistible even to you!

I wanna lick it so much that my tongue is now raw with pain;
Dang the way that thing tastes is unimaginable in many ways!

I wanna put it in my mouth on it and swish it all around!
The Super Blow Pop Sour Apple is my Fetish from now 0n....
So juicy and plump & round that I am addicted to it I think!!

P.S. I still wanna lick it ! :)  it makes you pucker up
Lick your lips its the best blow
pop of any sucka so go get your own ya muthaFckr.
I Heart Blow_Popz
LoL just for fun......
repressi0n Oct 2016
Hello, you
Yes, you
Go to hell
In there you're well
Here's a finger
hope this lingers
For a person like you
destroying mood, all you do
Talk behind
like a coward blind
say small talks
trashing and stalks
Have you seen the trash can?
Oh, over there you stand
Say it one more time
Your breathe smells like swine
Go to hell
In there you're well
Goodbye to you
Yes, you
In life, we are blessed with trash by God. We accept and love them before they spit upon us like a coward beast. We have the freedom to say goodbye. The best part of goodbyes is when you have to give the finger up. :)
Lenore Lux Nov 2014
You know what sounds nicest?
In your bed lying covers half drawn.
Afternoon bath just as I'm waking up.
Your notes upon nightstands and mirrors.

I hope you understand that I'd do
unspeakable deeds and make deals to
realize this vision --

but I'm only human,
you lecher

I'm not the one distributing kisses
I'm not the one love has found you
in paper and ribbon
I'm a companion for us
lonely ones, called suckers
I'm a ******.

— The End —