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Fallert Jul 2018
Drop by drop,
Rain by rain,
Steady rhythm,
Beating chain.
Raining hard,
Raining soft.
Dripping slowly,
Up aloft.
Silent drop,
Noisy thud.
Getting deeper,
Causing flood.
Rain is frequent,
All through you.
Can be close,
Or distant, too.
Robin Carretti May 2018
Please me_
(In) the- in -crowd
You lose me
(Out) the- out
out with

Don't ugly
goose me
No pretty, please
me  so deceiving
Whole entire
City is leaving

Hot fun summer in the city
A curse like a bad omen such a pity

Face me
Stan the evil
To the ugliest
Fight at the
Grecian slam

Huncheback of
Notre Dame
The Pompeii fire
Ugly ducking tamed

Fizz Roz
Heading towards
The Planetarium
Pretty tragic
Ending up in a

Twin of topaz
The Solarium Jazz

Going to Saratoga
Song Sara Smiles
But travels all the way

To Minnesota
So drained Rotto
At the Polaris Mall
Christopher Columbus
Clockwork on a bus
Oh! Ohio red roaster
Never pretty at the
Bull's eye Rodeo
Rodeo drive

Devil and Domino

Virgo meeting Hugo
The Pluto Bull
of lotto

Gina eating
Italian Alfredo
Mudpack stinks
Frank and Dino
Sammy the
Rat pack

Baking soda

Doing Yoga
Please without
the pretty
Bo ditty
Feeling gitty
Not to be flattered
So bloated
Role Gotta give
Beauty beast wider
On Fox Five
Harley Quinn rider

Life is a ***** not
a beach diet
Never do we pray
Pretty please to preach
It's now or never we better think to be clever no one said doing poems would be easy. But what happened to our manners Pretty please with the cherry on top
gravygod Dec 2015
what is it called when you need constant reassurance of your importance?
what is it called when you require frequent contact and kisses to feel wanted?
or when you feel like you don't matter at all to the person who matters to you.
what is it called?
cause i cannot find any appropriate words to describe how i feel.
how i am intensely pathetic and miserable both with and without you.
what even does that mean?
i'm nervous for the fallout
for the day you look into me and say
that you no longer love me.
i feel it coming
i sense it with my whole being
i can already feel you leaving me;
how my chest caves in
my knees grow weak
and my cries go unnoticed
but you still walk away
until then you just turn your head.
aniket nikhade Nov 2015
In the frequent changes that take place from time to time
In everything that moves from one moment to next
In each and everything and in all,
there is something that will remain constant
There is something that will remain the same
It's the response to change.

Every change has got a start at some point of time
Every change breaks a myth,
bringing a new reality to life.
Every change has got something substantial to do with the present moment in time
Every change makes sure that it presents the present moment in time in a different way, different from all that happened prior.

Every change will tell what else is there with regards to the future
Agree, accept and welcome a change with concise and clear mindset and an open heart.

— The End —