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Fallert Nov 2018
I have nothing to say.
I am lost for words, lost for thoughts,
It seems the sun has shined its last ray.
Fallert Nov 2018
Literature brings me a power,
I forever fail to describe.
As I push my glasses up my nose,
It's my own voice I inscribe.
Fallert Oct 2018
I saw the end of daylight,
The shadow of the sun.
I saw the dark was coming,
I knew I had to run.

Dark asked me where I was headed,
I said I was to hide from him.
Dark was coming farther near,
Sun was sitting at her rim.

Moon was close now I could feel it,
Dark just didn’t understand.
I ran faster, never slow,
Dark soon would take his land.

I finally asked Dark,
Why he chose ever to chase me.
His answer was a secret,
A secret it will always be.
I used to be afraid of the dark.  However, I found that once I confronted it, I was only scared of the mystery darkness contained.  Now, rather than fearing the unknown, I am fascinated by it.
Fallert Jul 2018
Drop by drop,
Rain by rain,
Steady rhythm,
Beating chain.
Raining hard,
Raining soft.
Dripping slowly,
Up aloft.
Silent drop,
Noisy thud.
Getting deeper,
Causing flood.
Rain is frequent,
All through you.
Can be close,
Or distant, too.
Fallert Jun 2018
Open  the  door,
Kiss  the  sadness  goodbye,
Find  a  new  window,
Let  your  soul  fly.

Get  out  of  your  box,
Fun’s  never  been  fame,
Stretch  out  to  the  world,
Create  your  own  name.

Opportunities  out  there,
So  let  yourself  soar,
There’s  a  whole  world  just  out  there,
Exit now, and  explore.
The happy idea, continued.
Fallert Jun 2018
I walk into war so brave,
Found my confidence,
My guide.
For when you walk in the room so worried,
When you leave you find your pride.

Head held higher than an eagle,
Yet lower than a rock.
When you feel yourself so timid,
Time’s running around the clock.

Took a long, good look at myself,
Found measures beyond length,
Looked even deeper into myself,
Found a large amount of strength.
I am trying a new approach, writing happier, more lighthearted poems.  Bear with me.
Fallert May 2018
His hand clamped around her wrist,
Held firm beneath the tree.
He inhaled the fresh and warm air,
Smelled the lilac and the sea.

She glanced at him so slyly,
Warm lips curled into a grin.
If only she could tell him,
If only she could win.

When he found her in the corner
She warned him of her sin.
He pulled her from the ground then,
Her once full frame now so thin.

She told him he must leave now,
She pushed, a gentle shove.
His red lips met her chapped ones,
"I'll never leave, my only love."

But just then, two weeks later,
He placed a lily on her grave.
A tear rolled down his dry cheek,
The only one he couldn't save.

Still he sits, beneath the tree now,
Smells the lilacs and the sea.
She's just a whisper in the wind now,
"But the only whisper that's for me."
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