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Erin Beer Apr 2019
Have you seen this girl?
Last night she sent me a text,
She told me how much she loved me and how much she regrets,
The things she never said and those that she did,
The people she hurt and those who would never forgive.
I see the way she laughs and the way she holds her tongue,
Too afraid to look weak but not strong enough to look numb.

Have you seen this girl?
She wasn't in school today,
I wish we had listened to the things she used to say,
The jokes she used to make about taking her own life,
And the way she used to speak about her dad's ex-wife.
This girl is important to me and to all of our friends,
Her family are waiting at home hoping to put this to an end.

Have you seen this girl?
She may not stand out,
But when you got to know her,
You knew when she was about,
Her laughter was infectious,
Like a strange bout of flu,
But her kindness was so precious,
Sometimes you didn't know what to do.

Have you seen this girl?
She has a way of capturing the crowd,
And even if people stared,
She'd only stand and bow.
The teachers called her trouble,
But to us, that was her middle name,
It was if she was in her own tiny bubble,
Playing some silly little game.

Have you seen this girl?
Her name may not be special,
But if you'd seen the way she smiled,
You'd know this mess was all worthwhile,

Perhaps you've seen this girl,
Or maybe it's really you,
For there's more than one girl in the world,
Who's felt a little blue.
Take a step and then another,
Into the unknown,
Because it is in the dark,
Where you will feel like you have really grown.
A poem about mental health awareness- inspired by individual stories.
Erin Beer Feb 2019
I don't know what to say,
And don't know what to do,
Because all I can ever think about when I'm around you,
Is the way your arms use to feel tied around my chest,
And the sound your voice would make when you laughed so loud like that.

I don't know how to breath,
Don't know how to smile,
Because lately I've been noticing your happier by yourself,
But then we'll catch each other's eye,
And we'll make awkward contact for a while,
You'll break it first like it never happened,
This isn't exactly how I imagined.
I hope you know I'll never forget the way your arms felt wrapped round my chest,
And the sound of your voice when you laughed so loud,
I wish that I could hear it right now.

I don't know how to look,
Don't know how to act,
Because when I hear your name,
I have to restrain myself.
After all your friends are mine and your bound to come about,
But I'm not ready to see you happy with someone else,
It sounds insane because after all,
It was entirely my own fault for a girl with a broken soul,
Will be forever unloved by one and all.
A poem from a short poetry book I am currently drafting over on wattpad @telepathyisoverrated
Erin Beer Jan 2019
Trying to do well but knowing you can't,
Always trying to impress dressing for the best.

Getting called up in class waiting in line,
This feeling I get seems to twist up my insides.

You'll pick on me in class trying to catch me out,
But I'm stronger than you think won't knock me down.

My friends waste their time on boys and clothes,
Me I'm over here auditioning for shows.

I know it's for the best but can't help but overthink,
What it would be like if I'd never met you and all your links.

This place will be the thing that'll break me,
But I won't let it fill me because this is what I think,
I'm a balloon floating through the sky,
You won't ever catch me I'm far too high.
Erin Beer Nov 2018
In 1914 when the cold wind blew,
Through no-mans land with a familiar tune.

In two opposing languages,
Both sides sang,
In perfect harmony,
Their voices rang out.

Two brave souls who started it all,
Risked their lives for a game of ball.

Germany and UK played side-by-side,
Enemies who became friends despite their divide.

A Christmas truce and a miracle of war,
A handshake that would become much, much more.
WW1 truce - Christmas day game of football. Inspired by the Morrison's 2014 advert.
Erin Beer Nov 2018
She stood so thoughtfully,
At the person in front of her,
Yet all she could think of,
Was the fat within her body,
Because opposite the girl,
Stood her reflection,
Because it wasn’t bullying,
If you told yourself the truth.
Erin Beer Nov 2018
My inspiration:

My inspiration was the man on the moon,
Who defied gravity like some kids cartoon.
A man who refused to fold to the norm,
Made his own story despite the storm.

My inspiration was the lonely planet,
Who stood as small as a pomegranate.
A girl who’s fought injury and sprain,
Yet still can stand up for her next big gain.

My inspiration was my best friend,
Who’s mould doesn’t quite fit the “trend”.
She seems content within her skin,
At least that’s what I read from her grin.

My inspiration was my mum and my dad,
They’d supported each other all through the bad.
Served our country throughout the years,
Now it was time to forget those fears.

My inspiration lies only next door,
A girl who battles a personal war.
Through day and night she slays her demons,
Piquing all of her worst ever feelings.

My inspiration is you who told me I can’t,
I’ll prove you wrong and then you’ll recant.
For what kills me only makes me stronger,
And your opinions I’ll think of no longer.

My inspiration is the man I pass on the street,
That sits happy in a doorway with a dog at his feet.
The animal who seems to keep his spirits alive,
I suppose helps give him a little drive.

I don’t have one inspiration in this life,
Nor should you for it would cause strife
But towards the top of that growing list,
Should you yourself stand entirely unmissed.

— The End —