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Dec 2015
Three years ago, she told you she loves you...

You see her walking down the street with her earphones in
You smiled from ear to ear
Reminiscing the past three years
Your smile turned upside down
And you wonder if she moved on
Thats why she's back in town
And you wonder if you could handle
Her moving on from you
You stared at her as she crosses the street
As she sings along to the music in her ears
You wonder if she still listens to the same song
You wonder what you did wrong
She saw you so she smiled and wave
Crazy because last time, she turned the other way
But today was different
She smiled and walked up to you
Asking you how you do
Then you realized you're upset
That you let her go
She left with a smile on her face
"Bye..." You whispered
As your voice cracked.

**Three years ago, she told you she loves you...
Today, you almost say it back.

Idk, hope he feels this way... I waited for 4 years to hear him say it back, but he never did...
Written by
pam  18/F/Norfolk
   Rose, Sumina Thapaliya and ryn
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