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Atiya Ebony Apr 2015
U can see that something's on my mind
But I guess it's a convo you don't care for
To many lies to be uncovered
To many feelings unexplored
I get it. I have to move on
Knowing  that I can only trust my own eyes
Upon my ears where the tales reside
They don't give fuel to my heart
No vacancy on my mind.
So no need to be bothered
Or let it trip me up.
I have to work on the bettering of me.
That greater responsibility enough.
Breathe stretch shake
Atiya Ebony Apr 2015
In comparison to his love
I'm feeling so unworthy
How can someone love u more than you do urself
Lord please help me
The heat of his touch got me feeling
Like a newborn, no colic
How does he find those spots
Help me solve it
Standing alone. His kiss is unmatched
To these sensations I'm a ******
Everyday a lesson on lovin him
The way that he deserves it
Atiya Ebony Apr 2015
How do I stop the ****** voices from talkin.
This emotional roller coaster is a muthafucker.
Bout ready to get off. when's the next stop?
Feeling stuck in a pit bottom
How do I make it to the top?
Who can I talk to without passing the virus
That's eating me internally
Taking away from my being
Being able to smile, being able to provide, to support & encourage
My vision of the positive constantly distorted
It's a plague & it's contagious
You'd take cover if you knew better
But ignorance is the greatest.
How would you know when I've painted on a grin
Not until I open my mouth and escapes the Gin
Off my breath into your face
Then you'll understand a lil better
My mental state
Atiya Ebony Mar 2015
I feel so lost at times
A constant loss of words
when trying to explain the hurt
inflicted by the cruel in this world.
On my mind
Atiya Ebony Mar 2015
So many thoughts firing shots to the dome.
None random. I've had these feelings all along.
Dealing with them all alone.
To you, another sad love song.
To me, they are the reasons why I am.
The one you claim to know but barely understand.
So halt in the judgement,
your kind so easily seems to pass
I'm 10 steps ahead of the petty
Traps laid for snakes in the grass.
I'm on that ***.
Whippin it around the curves
Unbothered by life swerves
Thinking you know what's best for me, you got the nerve.
Atiya Ebony Feb 2015
Internal struggles to contain the ugly. The ugly inside, where revenge and jealousy reside. A longing beyond intense, to be liked and wanted. Do u know the feeling of being constantly haunted? By the desire to be normal? Killed by the strength of your pride. Realizing, along with hopes for the future,
your faith in love has died.
*can also be found on IG @blakhippiesreborn under pic of medusa
Atiya Ebony Jan 2015
Senses heightened
beyond space traveled
You've found it
Nerve endings gathered
Awaiting his next move
Dont be alarmed by my counter
My response
To a feeling of a thousand *******
Countless knocks
Opening every door
Each window to my soul
Ecstacy spilling over
Releasing all demons
Letting go of all fear
No choice but to face it
And take in this beauty
Of these foreign places
I humbly surrender
My heart I'll sacrifice. My offer
& in return, all that I ask
Is that u keep bringing me back
On this trip through bliss
Tangled legs and hair  
I love us best like this
Also found with art on Instagram @blakhippiesreborn
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