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Mane Omsy Mar 2017
Torrid texts
Tempting to fell for
Didn't see the strings
Pulling down to deceit

This heart could break
But wouldn't slip
Ridiculing rupture though
Trembling fingers
Firm texts
Decisions at stake

Should've never trusted
Redemption - III
Another frauds
Alan S Bailey Apr 2015
Everyday we get "closer," you and me,
Whoever you may seem to really be,
I'm promised I've got a future and such,
You wont seem to be "bothered too  much,"
If I just listen well I'll make the part,
This life will be perfect, a "piece of art."

As the years role by I never care to listen,
The days get longer. You're on your mission.
It's this strange idea you hold some esteem,
To be the one who will somehow teach me,
If I just listen you'll let me be, you'll see!
But it just doesn't seem to get through,
No matter how much guilt you see
I'm never going to be conned by you.

All through my life they've played make-believe,
What they plan to do once they've gotten through to me,
I'm always on the receiving end, a small hopeless waste,
I've got to be shown how bad I am-what a disgrace!
I'll never listen until the day I die, MY WHOLE LIFE,
Almost anyone-if not everyone-is a total stinking lie!!!
Yet another FAILED fresh, brand new poetic work of trash. NEXT...!
Seán Mac Falls Sep 2014
Fraud identities—
Hack poets praising themselves,
  .  .  .  Wait for accolades.
MST May 2014
The vampires come in at night,
they do not warn you,
do not cause a fright.
But while you lay asleep in your bed,
they set up a facade,
inside your head.
Within this idea there blooms happiness,
******* in the light,
creating an abyss.
But you overlook the abyss for the gleam,
from which the sun gives you,
or so it seems.
As you step closer to get more light,
one wrong move,
and you have a fright.
For you are now falling into the abyss,
went to close,
missed out on fortunes kiss.
And when you wake there is no one there,
the vampires have left,
leaving you in despair.
You find yourself alone in your room,
soon to be taken,
all too soon.
You thought you could live on like this,
******* in light,
walking into the abyss.
But life does not work with such innocence,
you will be ****** dry,
within an instance.
So keep the wooden stake in bed,
keep one eye open,
or you will be dead.

— The End —