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Sep 2020
I keep having this haunting nightmare where are the children across the street A boy and girl whose or nameless and they were adopted but not for the right reasons for they were adopted for to be miss used for the name of God. I keep remembering seeing Islam art workor all over the place and seeing her beat her kids so very seriously. Every time I have the stream I just want to call the police or tell her to go away.  there is greater evil in this world.

ما زلت أعاني من هذا الكابوس المؤلم حيث الأطفال عبر الشارع ، فتى وفتاة تم تبنيهما أو بلا اسم وتم تبنيهما ولكن ليس للأسباب الصحيحة لتبنيهما حتى لا يتم استخدامهما باسم الله.  ما زلت أتذكر رؤية عاملة فنون إسلامية في كل مكان ورؤيتها تضرب أطفالها بجدية شديدة.  في كل مرة يكون لدي بث ، أريد فقط الاتصال بالشرطة أو إخبارها بالرحيل.  هناك شر أعظم في هذا العالم.
There was a woman who tortured children who she adopted and she wanted them to becomes the hardest and when they couldn’t they were cast away or killed true story and it was just across the street from me I wish I still call the police at the time
Written by
Brokenheartedmuslim  31/F/Not telling
(31/F/Not telling)   
   Harley Hucof
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