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lex hughes Jan 2019
in the glow of the moon she shines
her silhouette everchanging as she moves

the lights reflect her eyes
her skirt flows in the wind

in the shadows of the forest she shines
her body so still as she looks back at me

there's beauty in her smile, and danger
a flicker of something unknown

in the abyss of space she shines
her claws outstretched to meet me

her eyes are so different now
in her cold grip i still feel her warmth

on unfamiliar ground she shines
her silhouette unrecognisable to me now

feathers and tentacles, claws and fangs
my heart is still hers
yes i'm gay and i like surrealism/monsters. what more do you want from me
Bede Dec 2018
Rosey-colored petals, dear
Is that not what you're finding here?
Amidst a shore of colors dear
Though not the colors of your home.

Red and black, oh rage abound!
Dark cries and wails, a sea of sound
Waves they crash, sea foam surrounds
Oh you are still so far from home.

The salty air echoes despair
For there's no hope to find down there
Your doom does Eldritch voice declare,
"You're trapped and never going home."
Inspired by the Great Old One itself, Cthluhu
Celeste Oct 2018
they are angels ;

milky-white, star-spun bells
from which sway twisting ribbons,
dancing tendrils of sterling light & water.

heavenly figures of alien purity
drifting in cold, windless corridors of black crystal.
hallowed places,
devoid of temporal rot.

their songs whisper to my shaken core.
stingers embedded in ivory flesh.
filling my veins with sweet poisons,
my mind with inane fantasies,
& wild compulsions.
not a god or an idol, 
but a parasite.
Isaac Ward Jan 2018
Waking with a start I lept,
Away from the odd place I slept,
I could taste the Other near,
Like the touch of patient fear,

Something strange I couldn't place,
The path of which I could not trace,
A creeping darkness without source,
That won't be stopped by will or force,

Now reaches out with ancient word,
Forgotten just as soon as heard,
And as a shadow slips through glass,
No wall or gate will stop Its pass,

Not pain nor pleasure matter much,
To It time has no halting clutch,
No food or rest or friendship sought,
Just the fear of those It caught,

And now I break within Its grasp,
And I hear Its chilling rasp,
"No heaven or hell for you await,
Eternal darkness be your fate".

— The End —