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Earl Jane Feb 2016

The devils situate me in the dungeon,
In this pitch-dark  place,
Chains locked to my hands and feet,
I clamor at the top of my lungs,
But only my voice echoed,
And penetrated deep, deep within my soul,
A voice with dejection,
Tears gushed out from my eyes,
All swollen for hours and hours of crying,
My hopes almost diminish,
My prayers weaken,
This little faith lifted my chin up,
But my body is so worn out i can't hold it any longer,
Oh God please help me,
Please save me from here,
Then suddenly,
I passed out,
After awhile i feel two hands holding my face,
I opened my eyes,
But the light is too bright,
I can't see anything,
I close my eyes and listened to the wonderful voice talking marvelously to me,
It's a man's voice!
I open my eyes again and i see a man,
With all white clothes,
And a huge wings behind his back,
I was dumbfounded,
An angel!
Exhiliration enfold me,
And I started weeping silently,
My God answered me! He answered me!
He is my angel,
I slapped my face with my two hands,
I might be dreaming,
But no i am not,
This is totally true!
He stand me up,
I stand up with no troubles,
I was astounded,
No more chains, no more chains !!
I am free, i am free!
In my happiness i hugged him.

One second i was hugging an angel,
Another second I am hugging a man.

Oh, Wow!
That man is him,
The man who did all for me,
The man who saved me from my darkest place,
He took me out of that ghastly place,
And now I am in paradise with him,
He makes me happy all the time,
All the time,
He is always there for me,
Whether I am happy, sad or depress,
He is always there,
He inspires me,
He is my angel,
He help me overcome my demons,
He is my light here on earth,
His radiance shines brightly on me,
And I am beyond happy,
He comforts me,
He is my refuge,
I always have this hope to wake up each day 'cause I know, I know i am gonna see him,
He is my happiness,
My best friend,
The one I can always lean on to,
The one I can always trust,
His smiles are my daily dosage,
His laughs, his jokes are my daily medication.
His love is my supplication,
He is my all, my all,
I learn to extend my patience,
I learn how to be selfless,
He showed me a geniune love,
A love so  recherché,
He guides me to the right tract,
And hold my hand so tight and walk with me,
He protects me from bad,
He is my other half,
My preordained one,
My strong king,
What's the best thing in him is,
He pulls me closer to God,
I can't thank him enough for all he do,
He is so amazing to me,
How can i even deserve this?
God had been so good to me,
I am way so blessed,
I am so blessed,
I am gonna show him my love daily,
I am gonna be by his side always,
I am here waiting for him alone,
I am here to love him always,
I won't leave thee,
For you are preordained for me,
My love, my soulmate,
Ohhh goodness Lord,
I praise you oh Lord for all you do,
I thank you for all you have done for me,
I am so blessed Lord,
I am so blessed!

with love <3

© Earl Jane
♥ E.J.C.S.
For Brandon <3 <3

i love you so much my king!!! Happy hsppy 6 months!!! You are an amazining person!! I seriously wanna thank u for all you do,, for loving me, fpr being there for me, for your love & care thanm you for everything my king!!! Thank you a lot!! I love you most
brandon nagley Aug 2015

Dearest Jane, I knoweth thou hath lost thine sweet pet
But little Choco wilt never forgetteth thy love, or thy caress;
Dearest Jane, I knoweth thine little hamster meant thy all
But Jane dearest, knoweth he's happy, in a pain free place of God.


Dearest Reyna, I knoweth many tear's, thou hath shed for choco
Just knoweth mine queen, his spirit's next to thee, in clear view;
Dearest amour, he wilt be missed by me and thou, he's in cloud's
Dearest soulmate, he's sitting, waiting at heaven's gate, in shroud.


Dearest Filipino rose, ourn Choco is not just some ghost
Dearest Filipino rose, thine infant is smiling, serpahim his host;
Dearest kilig bringer, I'm here to comfort thee from pain stinger's
Dearest jane, if I couldst I'd let god taketh mine life, to save choco.


Dearest creation of celestial's, choco is extraterrestrial
Dearest amare, thou wilt pet thine friend again, when times here;
Dearest joy of life, soon to be wife, mine all, mine light, comfort
Dearest Jane, dryeth thine water, choco is better, as I'll make thou

©Brandon nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry
©Earl jane/her pet choco dedication
Jane mine queen lost her baby choco her hampster this is for her comfort and remembering choco
Rip furry angel....
brandon nagley Aug 2015

I shalt consign mineself
In a balikbayan box;
A snug hole to tryeth to **** air
Mine lung's tightly in lock.


On a plane, on a ship, in a bus
I shalt squeezeth mine carrion in;
Thinking of mine betrothed amare
How I must risketh mine life, for me to get there.


As I wilt meeteth her at the Sari-sari store's
Though I wilt be broke, no money, only amour;
Though tis love's not about money, or materialistic junk
As I thinkest all this, I thinkest soon ill break from mine trunk.


As the plane halt's, mine crate roll's around
Mine queen hath found me, in shock, her tear's cometh down;
Because I fleweth mineself in this darkly space
It was all for a purpose, to seeith the one I loveth, and her face.

©Brandon nagley
©Lonesome poets poetry
©Earl Jane dedication
balikbayan box is a box u send of goods from another country to Philippine's..
brandon nagley Aug 2015
Saurian Jovian's and Martian's clasp me to catastrophe rubble,
Dusty airpocket's, with blue sky bubble's, I tryeth to reacheth. Whilst their hobnail's art click cackling, mine suffocation is intensified by magnitude; longitude and latitude, distance is cleverly missing, mine red flow rushes, mine heartbeat nudge's; Harmonious harp playing angelic one, Gale's her hail assail into the impenetrable. She's Immortal and invincible; on forearm's, nose to her garb, her bouquet fragrance I canst telleth a lie; got me broiling in mammal wild primal heat.......

©Brandon nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry
©Earl Jane dedication
brandon nagley Aug 2015

heretofore bygone week's
Tis I was layden in mine outgoing's;
Incapacitated, mine feet's step's unknowing.


Dolor rolled as Boulder's
Down mine emptied innard's;
Jinn filled with hate and sin, tooketh over.


They tried to possesseth me
And diluteth me by their fear's;
They scratched, and bit, all didst spit
Yet mien reine reigned in by chariot flares.


Mount Mayon, in southern Luzon
Volcanoe's surround her citadel;
She snatched me from the barbarian's
In heaven, whence in hell.


Manila in the concentrate
Between the thickness of it all;
Is where mine rose, her face didst gloweth
Her virtue's were one, of the prophet's and high law.

©Brandon nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry
©Earl Jane dedication/Reyna/hari/soulmates
mien reine - means mine queen in french....
brandon nagley Aug 2015
Into her countenance;
I hadst seen the face of GOD!!!!!!

©Brandon nagley
©Lonesome poets poetry
©Earl Jane dedication
brandon nagley Aug 2015
I walked inside
This beautiful place;
Of yellow and gold.

Tis this place was
Made of energy;
And loving glow.

Whilst inside
I felt it's pain;
Tis I tooketh her stripes, inside this place.

It was mine Reyna's
Of God.

I was in the central
Of her spiritual loft.

Asiatic plaster
Resplendent awe.

I painted the ceiling's
With mine heart;
Letter's of love.

It tasted of mango

She cleaned mine sin
I shalt never leaveth her, not even in mine end;
As tis beyond death, I shalt still abode with her.

©Brandon nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry
©Earl Jane dedication/Reyna/soulmate
brandon nagley Aug 2015

Her ethnic blithe
Maketh me high;
I tasteth her nectar
And goggle her lithe.


I nestle neath
And inside her mind;
sultry, indulging
Silked so fine.


She is mine bower
In noontide tower;
She is mine hour
Filipino flower.


Fullsome In yore
In kingdom's of galore;
Mine Reyna, mine manliligaw
Mine kaluluwa, mine amour'.

©Brandon nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry
©Earl jane dedication
manliligaw means - lover in Filipino
kaluluwa means - soul Filipino tongue
Yore means- of long ago or former times...
Bower means- shade
brandon nagley Aug 2015

A degree unlike any to mankind
O lord, thou hath sent me a goddess;
Teeth, pearlied whitened, hair black
Tagalog golden parlance, gem strapped.


Felicity hath abducted me
Into mine Jane's melting heat;
Her fire is as if the burning bush
Whence back when God didst to Moses speak.


Mine creator created her
And saweth it was good;
He stitched her from mine rib
As mine heart, molded in her ladyhood.


Commandment's he hath layed out
To be endowed to mine empress queen;
Ourn endearment contracted on blood moon's
Saturn's color's to write out, the many year's to be the ring's.


As time wilt passeth on
Mine needing for her shalt get bigger;
I canst liveth without mine Filipino rose
She's mine lover, soulmate, angelic figure.

©Brandon nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry
©Earl Jane dedication/Reyna/soulmate
brandon nagley Aug 2015
I was blind
But now canst seeith;
Because mine Jane
Of whom I needeth.

©Brandon nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry
©Earl Jane soulmate dedication
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