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brandon nagley Aug 2015

Dearest Jane, I knoweth thou hath lost thine sweet pet
But little Choco wilt never forgetteth thy love, or thy caress;
Dearest Jane, I knoweth thine little hamster meant thy all
But Jane dearest, knoweth he's happy, in a pain free place of God.


Dearest Reyna, I knoweth many tear's, thou hath shed for choco
Just knoweth mine queen, his spirit's next to thee, in clear view;
Dearest amour, he wilt be missed by me and thou, he's in cloud's
Dearest soulmate, he's sitting, waiting at heaven's gate, in shroud.


Dearest Filipino rose, ourn Choco is not just some ghost
Dearest Filipino rose, thine infant is smiling, serpahim his host;
Dearest kilig bringer, I'm here to comfort thee from pain stinger's
Dearest jane, if I couldst I'd let god taketh mine life, to save choco.


Dearest creation of celestial's, choco is extraterrestrial
Dearest amare, thou wilt pet thine friend again, when times here;
Dearest joy of life, soon to be wife, mine all, mine light, comfort
Dearest Jane, dryeth thine water, choco is better, as I'll make thou

©Brandon nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry
©Earl jane/her pet choco dedication
Jane mine queen lost her baby choco her hampster this is for her comfort and remembering choco
Rip furry angel....

— The End —