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Dr Zik Mar 2015
I told Him what was in heart
And made a test of my fate
Who challenge the cause of coming?
He wished so I came!
No any other game, no need of fame
He wished I came, same, same, same
Be martyr, victim and clash in conscious
Are deeds of one, who is the patriot
any other big giant who was passerby
I saw and ignored him soon
No any other game, no need of fame
He wished I came, same, same, same
Your anger is chased by a cause
Everyone is changed and stranger
Come on to meet him
Who has left all for you
No any other game, no need of fame
He wished I came, same, same, same
A translation of my own poem written in Urdu language. The name of book is "RAH TAKTI AANKH (راہ تکتی آنکھ)"
Swathi eruvaram Mar 2015
Birds stop chirping
Neighbours stop fidgeting
Maids stop cleaning
Phones stop ringing
Cars stop vrooming
Bikes stop honking
Clocks stop ticking
My little angel is sleeping
the Sandman Jan 2015
I gave him my favourite book
And laughed it off as expanding his "cultural horizons."
I showed him my favourite movie
And shrugged it off as "chillin' and killin' time."
I sent him all my favourite music
But could not write it off as anything
Other than pure devotion.
I want to scoop out
His eyes that read my most beloved works,
His unworthy ears that heard the tunes of my heart,
His awful, ugly smile that enjoyed my dearest film.
And so now here I sit,
With his organs lying before me,
Looking lovelier than on him;
And still, I am not at peace.
The rumbling in my heart, and the twitching in my fingers
Has not stopped.

I dive for his heart;
I will sew it on my sleeve.
T'yana Thomas Nov 2014
This isn't any of your BUSINESS
Why do you care about
What I'm doing ?
HOW I'm doing it?
When I'm doing it ?
Let me satisfy your thoughts by letting you know to

Dare I, I ask,
Place light there‘pon
The glare of eyes?

Dare I disturb?
Dare I, remote,
Make time for life,
No absence moaped?
Dare I define
And be r’fined?
Not be for me?

Dare I select
Many a dress
All for brides
Who count down time?

Dare I, dare cough
Within your cup?
Dare I, dare kiss
The tender cheek?
Dare I, for sickness
And for health,
Put off the flames
Of blithering?

— The End —