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Marley Marie Jul 2016
As i lay on this floor
Heart pounding
**** throbbing
Skin wet
Eyes closed
Legs shaking
Lip biting
Carpet clutching,
Toes curled
All i can think about is you
touch me
you're standing overtop of me with just you're boxer's on
Hair pulled into a ponytail
And a cup of red wine in you're left hand,
Your eyes are looking deep into mine
You have a look on your face like you know i want you inside of me i wanna feel you deep in me, i want you to get lost in this ocean,
So baby pull out your surfboard and jump, the waves are cuming so catch every one
Don't stop until you touch the ocean floor,
"Touch me"! im yelling in my head
You drop to your nees i
I finally feel you're surf deep in me
The touch of your soft skin rubbing mine feel like a unbelievable high,
You look deep in my eyes i feel you
I love you and then we cry.
The end
Marley Marie Jan 2016
They say life is what you make it,
is that really true? because this life i live now i didn't choose,
thrown out in the cold backs turned and whispers get loud
my lonely is real so listen up now.
  I didn't choose this road, and that's for a fact but sense im here now why should i look back, aint nothing but pain and crooked smiles couldn't get "WOW" even if i magically turned myself into a clown, too many tear buckets next to the hard *** couch where i laid my head, yall dont know how many times i wished i was dead, so many ****** up things going on in my head i couldn't take it no more so i tried to take my life instead
"haaa"  but that still didn't work nobody was there i guess they were waiting to put me in the dirt, i came up like a winner god showed me why my life was so hindered,  i didn't have him like a cup of water after dinner,
YES this is my lonely and its not over i wouldn't be lucky even if i found a four leaf clover............
  Jun 2015 Marley Marie
He took away my happiness, he took away my confidence, he took away the love i once felt, he took away my innocence.
He took away my peace, he took away my dignity, he took away the trust i once had, he took away my sanity.
He took away my joy, he took, away my smile, he TOOK away everything it takes to be a child.
Marley Marie Jun 2015
Love Me Back
if you can
I promise to hold your hand through thick and thin,

Love Me Back
if you can
find some love in your heart for me again

Love Me Back
if you can
I just wanna be happy
with you again

Love Me Back
if you can
please don't let go of my hand

Love Me Back
Don't Walk away
I love you more and more everyday!

Love Me Back
my heart will break if you say your heart dont feel the same

Love Me Back
please dont go
your the only one I love
I just wanted you to know

incase the road gets tough
and your legs can no longer walk
and your hands can no longer hold on
and your mouth can no longer speak
and your heart skips a beat I'll always be there with an extra arm and some new feet. I love you always
Marley Marie Jun 2015
I wake up in the morning and I ask myself Is life worth living should I blast myself Don't even wanna get out the bed I got the glock to my head feel I'd rather be dead And am I hopeless, raised with rats and roaches Never liked the teachers, couldn't stand my coaches, Ask what's the matter but you can't relate Living a life that you hate but you can't escape Feel like I'm stuck here That's why I don't give a **** here There's no luck here, nobody to trust here My own mother yeah I love her but things I heard as a child under my covers Left me with scars it was hard to see her suffer Ducking my heart and I don't know if I'll recover I'm going under and as I'm headed out the front door She say she proud of me and I wonder what for And once more.....
Marley Marie Jun 2015
I think I've had enough of life,
The life I live isn't worth a fight, if I die today that would be alright
Because I've had enough of life,
im an angry creature filled with hate, the worst things in life I can not escape, the worst to come is never late, this life I live I've tried to take but everyone say I made a mistake....ha....
I think I've had enough of life
everything is wrong nothing is right
I guess I'll never know what a normal life feels like,
but that's alright **** life.
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