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Payton Jul 2018
I looked up at the moon with a curiosity,
I, myself, had never known before.
The way its Cheshire-cat smile taunted me.
                             Somehow, it unnerved me.
                                               It challenged me.
And at the same time, the cool, white moonlight
made me feel warm inside, as if it knew I was alone
and it was smiling down on me
as a sign of comfort.
storm siren Mar 2018
I have a
Cheshire Cat Grin.
Just as mad
Just as eerie.

I have a Cheshire Cat Smile,
I'll coo to you in the wisps of your rage,
"Oh, but didn't you know?"
But you never knew
You never knew,
Did you?

I have a
Cheshire Cat Grin,
Because I am just as mad,
Just as eerie,
Just as innocent,
And just as deadly,
Within the words, the stories I spin,
The webs I weave.

I have a
Cheshire Cat Smile,
And, Darling Dear,
I'm Mad as a Hatter.

Did you hear?
Did you hear?
The crash and the clatter?

Did you see?
Were you there?
When all that red splattered?

I am the
Voice of the Trees at Night,
I am the
Whisper in Your Bones when Panic Takes Flight.

I am the
Cheshire Cat
And honey, look at my smile.
I am the
(They're burning in the fire!)
(What was that?)

Feel the shiver down your spine,
As the air of this toothy feline
Makes you wonder
Where does madness draw the line?

Do you want the answer?
Will you chance her?

"Why is a raven like a writing desk?"
Brianne Rose Jun 2017
You'd know him if you saw him,
When he appears out of the air,

He could make you jump without even trying,
With his grin ever there,

If you ever meet him - You'll find him in a tree,
Smiling at everything - He never seems to care,

His body seems to come and go,
His head and smile still seen,

When he vanishes completely it's never for long,
His coat always soft, with a smooth and silky sheen,

That Cheshire cat - A crafty one he is,
He may talk in riddles - And always does he preen,

The cat that can best even the greatest Magicians each and every time,
Helps as he pleases and watches without a care for never a nickel or dime.
Third in the Wonderland Themed Poems.  Had these three sitting for a short while so I decided to type them up finally.
Choking Angel Apr 2016
I grin my malicious grin
As the little children cower
At the head floating in the trees
And my tail in the breeze
My purple glow
In the dark of the night
Is the only thing that keeps
Everyone in a fright
I want to smile
And them be in delight
I'm not alone in this world
I've got my friend that hurled
From all the tea and the laughing
And the constant photographing
Of the memories that will always be engraved
Into the mind of the mentally deranged.
I think I have gone completely bonkers, well let me tell you a secret.... All the best people are
Like an OCD psychologist,
I analyzed my behavior
breaking everything down
digging to the roots
the core emotions that I felt:
insecurity, fear of being hurt.

I laid out the physical and verbal
dialogue of my body and words,
highlighting those that reflected
that pain and turmoil inside.

If insecurity was blue and fear
of being hurt purple, well...
that hidden dialogue was striped
much like the Cheshire cat
invisible behind a nodding head,
wide grin and endless laughter.

If you studied your own actions
studying every move like a
hunter on the prowl, patient
what would be your true colors?
work in progress
I’m no Alice in Wonderland,
But I am more like the Cheshire Cat,
They say I am more deranged
Than the Mad Hatter’s hat,
They say I can be quite rude
Like the Queen of Hearts
And like the March Hare
I sometimes nervously fall apart,
I’m no caterpillar
Blowing smoke rings
But I might as well be same to them all,
Because I’m madly curious about things.
Prana Moonshine May 2015
The silence,
Haunting light
Illuminating tunnels
Terror’s teeth.

Horror is a face
The disaster, a cat!
Smiling with sharpness
Fangs hungry for blood



But that’s a crazy thought
Cat curled up with stripes
Lines and lives that fade the grid
Cruelly wound around
It's branch:

A deep hum and sly laughter:

Hands on cheeks
Mouth open

Fading, languid
Grasping, gaping
Giving up -
*“we’re all mad here”
Simon Woodstock Mar 2015
I hate my reflection for when I see the dark circles under my eyes from the rest thoughts of you have stolen from me at night or the hollow face I wear  sometimes comes a plastic smile when others see me but alone I wear the nothingness I feel inside and I lie to myself and say i'll get over you in due time so now I sit back against the wall I recollect all of our memories together and it only makes me feel small like a vanishing act vanishing like a *Cheshire Cat
the work speaks for itself
Ryla Jun 2014
crescent moon smiles
light the path ahead
‘we’re all mad here’
laughed the voices
in your head

strange creatures of Wonderland
transform before your eyes
nothing is the same
because everything that you think is real
is a lie

don’t pretend you have any control
we all know you’re insane
follow the rabbit hole
down to Wonderland
get lost in the madness
let it enter your veins

— The End —