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Choking Angel Dec 2018
Every laugh
Is another tear
Every smile
Begins another heart break
Every memory
Is a new nightmare
It’s you who haunts my dreams
Every “I love you”
Is just the ammo
For the gun pointing at my heart
And it’s you behind it, holding the trigger
With a big
You’re still saying “I love you”
You’re still without cuddles
You’re still head over heels,
For another girl
You shot me dead
So you could move on
These memories you gave me
Are now wounds on my skin
Every “I love you” that you say to her
Is you pushing the knife deeper into my skin
Wanting and needing to hurt me
She hates me
So, by default
So do you
Take back the smiles
Take back the laughter
Take back all the memories
All they do is leave me to die.
But I still think of when
You held me tight
And kissed the tear that had streamed down
Told me
You’ll always love me
Never let me go
Well now,
It’s tome for me to go.
Choking Angel Oct 2018
Cut 1 Cut 2 Cut 3 Cut 4
Oh how my arms are getting sore
Drip 1 Drip 2 Drip 3 Drip 4
I can’t count the drops anymore
Pill 1 Pill 2 Pill 3 Pill 4
I can’t see the doorway anymore
Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4
I feel myself falling to the floor
Breath 1 Breath 2 Breath 3
#suicide #trigger #sadness #alone #alwayslonely #readytodie
Choking Angel Jul 2018
The smoke from the air fills my lungs as I deep inhale
Its the only type of high I feel
The constant green of "de huff"
I roll the **** into my mango swisher sweet
I lick the edges shut
Here I go again, up into my high
Don't bring me down
Until I'm underground
6 feet underground...

It's always the ****
Choking Angel Jun 2018
If I die before I wake....
I hope to take my place would be an earthquake
rumbles the ground until there is no sound
its not like I made the earth go round.
If I die before I wake...
there surely would be no ache
of the heart, stomach, or soul to take.
If I die before I wake...
it would never daybreak
the sun would still rise
the moon would still set
the earth wouldn't take any debt
If I die before I wake...
I hope and pray they still find happiness in cake...
To the depression that I can't let go of.
Choking Angel Mar 2018
Day Number 70
I hurt today
I work today
Is a different day
Will end different than yesterday
I won't cry
I won't yell
I will smile
I will be happy

Choking Angel Mar 2018
Tis' the season of sweaters,
as in, I'm freezing my *** off, I need SOMETHING
all anyone really has is a sweater
because it's supposed to be warm
But its not
You know when you get that feeling,
or, rather
Loss of all feelings
In your legs, arms, and nose.
Yep, this is just another average day
The only difference is that its your sweater that's around me
Your sweater that is keeping me warm
Its your sweater that I am wearing now, even while I type this.
The only difference is that you were the one wanting to be there
When I was cold
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