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Scorching bullets
Pass us by
Like dancing faeries
Around our heads

You covered yourself
Like a bullet proof vest

Dragon's breath is unleashed
Are we living among the dead?

Or dead
Among the living?

Where wolves,  griffins,  and lions

But never surrender

Bullets fly
They want us

Or maybe

Who knows?

Can **** us
At all

The enemy
Will die
Of certain heart attacks

With AK bullets

God's will
So is seared
We can
Do it all
And rise above
Our fears

Deep within
This blood
Coursing thru our veins
Lies the Hunter
Among the hunted

Those within
This grove
Are seeking


To overload

Among the safety
We run,  we hide,  we search
So that those of us here
Will rise
And never die

Please cover
Like a Bulletproof Vest!
Michael Briefs Mar 2018
Sophie sits quietly, soaking in the sounds.
This Jazz club suits her perfectly,
As she swallows spirituous rounds.
The music is hot, with Latin-flair, and
Pulsing, staccato, percussive drive.
The air on her shoulders is moist
In this Parisian summer jive.
Sophie tastes the twilight culture,
She lives for the buzz.
She won't accept the ordinary, she
Vibrates with bohemian blood!
She loves her music live in her
Sultry summer jive.
Aaron Gayan Jun 2017
Memory passes like a bus
Spirit passes like a ghost
Aura disappears like a dream
Smiles bend like a will

Bohemians cry out and about, losing
Their sanity as passions flush like
Clogged sewage or drug busts, replaced with,
Dare I say, growing up. No deals
Selling songs to parents or art to perverts,
Poems to lovers and rants about ex's
Reapers thresh the rapid seeds
Right before it's not.

Maybe its time to do drugs again.
Found scribbled in a notebook
Simone Gabrielli Mar 2017
And in that wild berlin winter
I twirled ghosts through the frozen, concrete streets
Out of bohemian jungles in the midnight afternoon
I returned to the States with terrible ennui

Slumped on cold buses
I flew through Hamburg in an ***** haze
Smoking joints in the lantern lit glow of Amsterdam
I didn’t eat for 3 days

I rode the train to Zoo Station
And flitted about East Berlin
Where there was no excitement to be had
Walking the night alone in the bitter, biting wind

I took the ferry over to England
Safe in the Mersey’s mystical, dreary mist
I hid my tired eyes under my fisherman’s cap
And found an expanse of quiet, precious bliss

Ailing from nights spent on streets and stranger’s floors
I was a child, traveling alone
Disenchanted by my youthful escapades,
Cured of the plaguing desire to ramble and roam.
Simone Gabrielli Jan 2017
Out West I found that
Dangerously glittering bohemian lifestyle.

Where Los Angeles falls down with joy
And rumbles deep from its canyon bellies

And when you need some sadness
You split to Berlin
And come back with none of your clothes.
Youdont Needthis Jan 2017
Deep in wood’s twig embrace
She lies beneath the leaf tessellation
Her hollow skull and hollow chest are friends with the burning winds
She is hallowed in her sloping waist
With child

She is mother bony
Woman with skinless face
She is grinless
For her jaw was stolen in ages past
Yet she is blessed with child
Her middle is heavy with boundless boy

A boy fated
To be *******
To be lord of the shattered lands and even their scattered men
Destined to be crowned in fragments of skulls and silky fabric reds
He shall mate with fire
Be father of arson spawn
His face will be carved in Mammon’s silver toys

He will never be forgotten by any of history’s tedious scribes
Yet first he must be born

Now the winds are chanting
They push at her pudgy waist
They are chanting for the birth of the emperor ******* king
They desire the tyrant
They are the slaves of God
For they are catalysts that mold the shapes of futures’ lords
They will sing triumphant
When he is pushed through dusty hips
They will congratulate their oldest and most silent friend  

He is birthed with great force
The spit of cadaverous womb
Crying shrieks in the forest
No one living to clean him

By spirits’ force he is taught
To eat the last of mother’s skin
To grow to be the friend of the whispering burning winds

He shall grow into great beast
With strength to wield the lance
He will enter the kingdoms of men
Appearing as a wild God

While he is shaping his role
His mother will often laugh
Ever since he left her
Her body was never again the same
Kasey Oct 2016
I live in a desert
My Dear.
With a loopy-eyed cat who bites
and a roommate who might as well.
All of my clothes are ripped and stained
and I don't know where I'll be working tomorrow.

The other vagrants and I
We can't afford to stay,
but we can't afford the gas to leave,
The summers are too hot--
the winters are too cold--
and the days and the nights are too dangerous.

But we're here
and we're young.
And someone has to feed the cat.
cat, youth, young, dangerous, vagrant, travel, bohemian, mystery
Erin Suurkoivu Oct 2016
comely, maybe
but not beautiful
my features are as round as vowels
and I carry the moon in my hips
I am an unpolished beauty
smooth pebbles resting at the bottom
of a cold clear stream
with an empty purse
my only currency

in this world
I am a shrinking violet
occasionally a rose
caught in your button-loop
long-stemmed red roses
stalk runways
hollywood bombshells
are bubbly as champagne
and full of flesh and light

but *** sans love
is still an empty bathtub
whatever happened to pin-up girls
long cigarette holders
and muted photographs?
I am distorted
in the fish-eye view
of the modern lens

in my fantasies
I am no longer sand and loam
I glow like a tall slim candle
though I am often numb and dumb
and my girls are as absent
as long lost unicorns
I am the bohemian princess

I travel through foreign lands
clothed in exotic costume
a jewelled headdress, and
indian pyjamas coloured sapphire,
turquoise and cayenne-red
my feet are near bare
and my hippie hair
is a mass of blonde curls

I take a sojourn in
southern california
warm desert air
soft against my skin
I surf in the salty sea
held buoyant by the waves
a sunset stains the sky tangerine
the palm trees
black against the orange light
click teasingly in the breeze
"In My Fantasies" can be found in my book "Blood for Honey", available at and Amazon.
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