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Dakes Jun 2020
City of Blue
City of Red
Toilet rolls, none to be found
The Sun at hand, ready to shred

City of Blue
City of Red
Corona came
And we brought out our dead

City of Blue
City of Red
Standing together
River of tears unshed

Together in Joy
Together in Grief
Klopp went and did it
City together bows to the Chief

City of culture, red & blue
City of friends & wits that's true
As Lockdown lifts, the City awakes
Stay safe & alert. For all our sake's...
My beloved adopted City celebrates the Redmen winning the Premier League and crowds celebrate.

All in the belief that the virus won't attack them. Won't use them as a vector to the vulnerable. I really hope not...

But also, the spirit of my City remains indomitable in the face of the trials, tribulations, sacrifices & losses of lockdown 2020. Too many have gone before their time but this City will prevail.

May we all have a brighter future and take only what we want into the 'New Normal'.
Simone Gabrielli Mar 2017
And in that wild berlin winter
I twirled ghosts through the frozen, concrete streets
Out of bohemian jungles in the midnight afternoon
I returned to the States with terrible ennui

Slumped on cold buses
I flew through Hamburg in an ***** haze
Smoking joints in the lantern lit glow of Amsterdam
I didn’t eat for 3 days

I rode the train to Zoo Station
And flitted about East Berlin
Where there was no excitement to be had
Walking the night alone in the bitter, biting wind

I took the ferry over to England
Safe in the Mersey’s mystical, dreary mist
I hid my tired eyes under my fisherman’s cap
And found an expanse of quiet, precious bliss

Ailing from nights spent on streets and stranger’s floors
I was a child, traveling alone
Disenchanted by my youthful escapades,
Cured of the plaguing desire to ramble and roam.

— The End —