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Sep 11 · 125
Flat White
Sophia L Sep 11
Flat white flat life
Nothing is in my mind
Boring boring is the rhyme
Sing a song of Blue Sky
Jun 10 · 331
smoky vapor
Sophia L Jun 10
smoking after a meal
to the vague future
seeing the world through the fog
annoying the road is clogged

they say nicotine is bad
but you sure what is good?

To the smoky unknown future
let me first borrow a light
oh forgot
it is an e-cigarette
May 20 · 79
a good day
Sophia L May 20
waking up without an alarm
getting ready for nothing
meeting cute friends
no more trash need to listen
goodbye to the people without brain

a cup of coffee
a lazy sunbath
a list of indie music

only i can say,
a good day baby
May 19 · 71
a not bad script
Sophia L May 19
poetic start,
dramatic ending,
named as a job, a relationship, a memory, a period of time,
or what you want to call it is,
oh maybe a not-too-boring movie that you watch without yawning.

lately, i think i just wrote a not bad script
--without a Sequel,
--but With an endless aftertastes
May 19, 2021
Sophia L Dec 2020
it's not Failure makes you stronger
it's how you face it
deal with it
talk to it
-makes you another person
Nov 2020 · 230
Sophia L Nov 2020
i said,
i am always a dog person
until i got a cat

watching her sleep
so peacefully
she takes a nap
perhaps dreams a daydream with me
she stares at the window
the outside world seems fun and thrill
she looks at the screen
the keyboard’s sound just like her toys
eat, play, sleep
so simple, so easy

oh maybe I should be a cat
life should be easy
maybe that’s why i am jealous of a kitty
Nov 2020 · 135
Sophia L Nov 2020
like no one cares
like no one’s there
like no one stares

be rare
you will be there
Nov 2020 · 121
Sophia L Nov 2020
it's ok to feel lost.
lost in love,
lost in hate,
lost in pain,
lost in fate.
but never forgetting-
you still have you
you will be you
no one can steal you
-because of you
Nov 2020 · 195
the dice
Sophia L Nov 2020
funny. It is—
nothing funnier than the flipped of life
when i look at the dark side
ready to be swallowed by—
the time comes for flipping the side

i have to wow—
something is superior than human life

he knows
he knew
there always another side
roll the dice
Nov 2020 · 322
children's book
Sophia L Nov 2020
i opened a children's book in the bookstore,
i thought i would understand it
and would laugh at myself

i am scared
i think i lost it
i found nothing funny

i think i lost it
i lost it
of being an Adult
Sep 2020 · 121
Sophia L Sep 2020
we rarely talk about it
until we forget
we rarely talk about it
until silence kills the night
let’s have amnisia
everything will be fine
Sep 2020 · 70
some humans
Sophia L Sep 2020
real Fake
fake Real
Aug 2020 · 100
magnifying glass
Sophia L Aug 2020
the world used to be small,
books broke the walls

bring them all
cause books broke the walls
Jul 2020 · 196
Sophia L Jul 2020
felt lost
counting the time pause
chaos will stop-
rain mourns
sun roars

till time out
Apr 2020 · 140
the moment of the time
Sophia L Apr 2020
crying like a baby,
as no one cares
Mar 2020 · 163
the lake
Sophia L Mar 2020
we wish life as smooth as a lake
but destiny gives us a roaring ocean

i will take it
Mar 2020 · 297
Sophia L Mar 2020
a deep blue typewriter
anxious right now
rather be in the cloud
always alone but get well with the writers' hands
dream of jumping around
worried about I will be abandoned one day
would like others to think I am useful
quietness keep me awake at night
Finishing a masterpiece
no inspiration for a single line
broken during a creative work
at 2 pm
be a helper
i lived
Inspire by Rupi Kaur’s Instagram Poetry Live lesson 3/20/2020.
Mar 2020 · 472
Sophia L Mar 2020
There are always two voices in my heart
the right way and the wrong way
Which way?
I find an excuse to persuade
young and naive?
the ocean goes with wave
Feb 2020 · 82
notes about life
Sophia L Feb 2020
life indeed ***** in some ways
but i still decided to jump into the water
and start to swim
i always call it
-courage and brave
#life #mood #thoughts
Feb 2020 · 127
Sophia L Feb 2020
even i fell apart
i still seek of love
Jan 2020 · 132
move on the chess board
Sophia L Jan 2020
you move the knight
I move the queen
you yell Check
I scream Draw
-is a rival
is a fight
Dec 2019 · 308
bathing in love
Sophia L Dec 2019
the water is warm
the sand is soft
the touch is wet
the air is hot
she is bathing in love
—in love
Nov 2019 · 231
the rebellion
Sophia L Nov 2019
you said sadness is tsunami
but strength always needs testimony
Nov 2019 · 193
just like a movie
Sophia L Nov 2019
you know there is an ending
but still-
let it rolls
let it burns
Sep 2019 · 555
Sophia L Sep 2019
I know
is going to falling apart
just letting it fall-
freely and dangerously
Jul 2019 · 241
Sophia L Jul 2019
The night is
deeply charming
Jul 2019 · 495
Sophia L Jul 2019
you ask me-
what do you like?
it’s too expensive
you can’t afford it
Jul 2019 · 251
Sophia L Jul 2019
I never believe in luck
just a miracle-
when you work **** hard
Jul 2019 · 361
invisible violence
Sophia L Jul 2019
you are the sharpen knife
piercing my heart
torturing it till bleeding
-leave me perishing within
Jul 2019 · 215
up and down
Sophia L Jul 2019
sometimes, need the warmth of the sun
sometimes, need the cool of the shadow
The Beauty within is-
just guess it
Jun 2019 · 133
a scene
Sophia L Jun 2019
I stand on tiptoe,
look across the window,
see the light-
around the corner-
catch a glimpse of hope
stand by whom
Jun 2019 · 319
Sophia L Jun 2019
love is a boring thing,
i like flesh and bone better-
that sounds more human being
Jun 2019 · 130
Sophia L Jun 2019
Of course
I love life
— so much sadness
— so much happiness
make me sleepless
May 2019 · 224
just give me a second
Sophia L May 2019
don’t take my silence as the feebleness,
i am not sleeping-
just taking a nap.
Apr 2019 · 157
Sophia L Apr 2019
just found out-
waiting for an answer
is one of the most tortured things
Apr 2019 · 249
rely on.
Sophia L Apr 2019
we always want to have someone
sometimes we forget-
we have ourselves
Apr 2019 · 300
see the flesh
Sophia L Apr 2019
keep raw
keep origin
-not easy to lost
 not easy to fall
Apr 2019 · 190
the price to pay
Sophia L Apr 2019
even it hurts
but I grow faster
-stand higher
Mar 2019 · 205
Sophia L Mar 2019
it’s going to be hurt
but i am still opening up
cause i believe
i am brave enough-
-oh if you want to talk about love
Mar 2019 · 122
Sophia L Mar 2019
Three words:
Mar 2019 · 163
little talk about love
Sophia L Mar 2019
Love is not a cage,
i want to set you free
Mar 2019 · 184
be brave once more
Sophia L Mar 2019
i am really afraid......
of losing dream
    losing direction
    losing me-
please be brave once more
Mar 2019 · 92
Sophia L Mar 2019
people said-
before dawn is the darkest
how about now-
who to soothe my mind
who to calm my heart
Mar 2019 · 1.1k
fearless fear
Sophia L Mar 2019
i am afraid,
one day I can’t recognize myself
Mar 2019 · 611
Sophia L Mar 2019
remind me,
why did i start
Mar 2019 · 107
Imperfect is perfect
Sophia L Mar 2019
to let it go
      let me go
           let myself go
embrace with strength
no matter how old
Mar 2019 · 322
talk to myself
Sophia L Mar 2019
happiness is not true
true happiness is inner peace
Mar 2019 · 201
Sophia L Mar 2019
you here
she smiles
you leave
she silences-
wants to see you fly
not shattered in the sky
Mar 2019 · 12.3k
No apology
Sophia L Mar 2019
I love myself more.
Mar 2019 · 136
Sophia L Mar 2019
i see the ugly
  i  see the dark
     i see the monster in our heart
a hero
   is the one
still clenches hope
still expects love
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