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Sep 8 · 42
Sophia L Sep 8
we rarely talk about it
until we forget
we rarely talk about it
until silence kills the night
let’s have amnisia
everything will be fine
Sep 2 · 25
some humans
Sophia L Sep 2
real Fake
fake Real
Aug 2 · 29
magnifying glass
Sophia L Aug 2
the world used to be small,
books broke the walls

bring them all
cause books broke the walls
Jul 26 · 130
Sophia L Jul 26
felt lost
counting the time pause
chaos will stop-
rain mourns
sun roars

till time out
Apr 21 · 79
the moment of the time
Sophia L Apr 21
crying like a baby,
as no one cares
Mar 29 · 97
the lake
Sophia L Mar 29
we wish life as smooth as a lake
but destiny gives us a roaring ocean

i will take it
Mar 20 · 224
Sophia L Mar 20
a deep blue typewriter
anxious right now
rather be in the cloud
always alone but get well with the writers' hands
dream of jumping around
worried about I will be abandoned one day
would like others to think I am useful
quietness keep me awake at night
Finishing a masterpiece
no inspiration for a single line
broken during a creative work
at 2 pm
be a helper
i lived
Inspire by Rupi Kaur’s Instagram Poetry Live lesson 3/20/2020.
Mar 14 · 387
Sophia L Mar 14
There are always two voices in my heart
the right way and the wrong way
Which way?
I find an excuse to persuade
young and naive?
the ocean goes with wave
Feb 16 · 36
notes about life
Sophia L Feb 16
life indeed ***** in some ways
but i still decided to jump into the water
and start to swim
i always call it
-courage and brave
#life #mood #thoughts
Feb 4 · 87
Sophia L Feb 4
even i fell apart
i still seek of love
Sophia L Jan 10
you move the knight
I move the queen
you yell Check
I scream Draw
-is a rival
is a fight
Dec 2019 · 257
bathing in love
Sophia L Dec 2019
the water is warm
the sand is soft
the touch is wet
the air is hot
she is bathing in love
—in love
Nov 2019 · 178
the rebellion
Sophia L Nov 2019
you said sadness is tsunami
but strength always needs testimony
Nov 2019 · 156
just like a movie
Sophia L Nov 2019
you know there is an ending
but still-
let it rolls
let it burns
Sep 2019 · 524
Sophia L Sep 2019
I know
is going to falling apart
just letting it fall-
freely and dangerously
Jul 2019 · 200
Sophia L Jul 2019
The night is
deeply charming
Jul 2019 · 444
Sophia L Jul 2019
you ask me-
what do you like?
it’s too expensive
you can’t afford it
Jul 2019 · 202
Sophia L Jul 2019
I never believe in luck
just a miracle-
when you work **** hard
Jul 2019 · 326
invisible violence
Sophia L Jul 2019
you are the sharpen knife
piercing my heart
torturing it till bleeding
-leave me perishing within
Jul 2019 · 163
up and down
Sophia L Jul 2019
sometimes, need the warmth of the sun
sometimes, need the cool of the shadow
The Beauty within is-
just guess it
Jun 2019 · 94
a scene
Sophia L Jun 2019
I stand on tiptoe,
look across the window,
see the light-
around the corner-
catch a glimpse of hope
stand by whom
Jun 2019 · 276
Sophia L Jun 2019
love is a boring thing,
i like flesh and bone better-
that sounds more human being
Jun 2019 · 93
Sophia L Jun 2019
Of course
I love life
— so much sadness
— so much happiness
make me sleepless
May 2019 · 186
just give me a second
Sophia L May 2019
don’t take my silence as the feebleness,
i am not sleeping-
just taking a nap.
Apr 2019 · 121
Sophia L Apr 2019
just found out-
waiting for an answer
is one of the most tortured things
Apr 2019 · 216
rely on.
Sophia L Apr 2019
we always want to have someone
sometimes we forget-
we have ourselves
Apr 2019 · 268
see the flesh
Sophia L Apr 2019
keep raw
keep origin
-not easy to lost
 not easy to fall
Apr 2019 · 154
the price to pay
Sophia L Apr 2019
even it hurts
but I grow faster
-stand higher
Mar 2019 · 170
Sophia L Mar 2019
it’s going to be hurt
but i am still opening up
cause i believe
i am brave enough-
-oh if you want to talk about love
Mar 2019 · 85
Sophia L Mar 2019
Three words:
Mar 2019 · 131
little talk about love
Sophia L Mar 2019
Love is not a cage,
i want to set you free
Mar 2019 · 151
be brave once more
Sophia L Mar 2019
i am really afraid......
of losing dream
    losing direction
    losing me-
please be brave once more
Mar 2019 · 63
Sophia L Mar 2019
people said-
before dawn is the darkest
how about now-
who to soothe my mind
who to calm my heart
Mar 2019 · 1.1k
fearless fear
Sophia L Mar 2019
i am afraid,
one day I can’t recognize myself
Mar 2019 · 570
Sophia L Mar 2019
remind me,
why did i start
Mar 2019 · 76
Imperfect is perfect
Sophia L Mar 2019
to let it go
      let me go
           let myself go
embrace with strength
no matter how old
Mar 2019 · 291
talk to myself
Sophia L Mar 2019
happiness is not true
true happiness is inner peace
Mar 2019 · 164
Sophia L Mar 2019
you here
she smiles
you leave
she silences-
wants to see you fly
not shattered in the sky
Mar 2019 · 2.9k
No apology
Sophia L Mar 2019
I love myself more.
Mar 2019 · 107
Sophia L Mar 2019
i see the ugly
  i  see the dark
     i see the monster in our heart
a hero
   is the one
still clenches hope
still expects love
Mar 2019 · 188
Sophia L Mar 2019
I don’t like grow old
But I do like grow UP
Feb 2019 · 80
one day
Sophia L Feb 2019
at a certain age
    one day becomes an hour
at a certain age
    one day becomes a moment
at a certain age
    one day becomes a flash
at a certain age
    one day becomes Hope
Feb 2019 · 83
Sophia L Feb 2019
The worst pain
is the part you cannot see
Feb 2019 · 160
Sophia L Feb 2019
one day
if I cannot recognize myself
that will be the time-
I shall hate myself
Feb 2019 · 155
Have to.
Sophia L Feb 2019
have to stand still
have to run to the finish
have to blur the lines
have to bow my head
Can I-
just lie in bed
and swing in my fantasy?
even not till the end
Feb 2019 · 213
Sophia L Feb 2019
I never give up HOPE
just HOPE abandons me sometimes
Feb 2019 · 163
Sophia L Feb 2019
RED is my color
         red is blood
red is passion
         red is motherland
red is scar
         red is heart
red is love
Jan 2019 · 652
Sophia L Jan 2019
people smile back at you when you smile
but we always alone when we cry
Jan 2019 · 334
Sophia L Jan 2019
why you don't understand me?
we all have our own stories
time past
nobody listens
probably it would be the best-
to fly in my SOLO dimension
Jan 2019 · 847
Sophia L Jan 2019
where is your heart
            where is your home
                        where is your love
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