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Sophia L Sep 8
we rarely talk about it
until we forget
we rarely talk about it
until silence kills the night
let’s have amnisia
everything will be fine
Sophia L Mar 2019
you here
she smiles
you leave
she silences-
wants to see you fly
not shattered in the sky
Sophia L Jun 2019
I stand on tiptoe,
look across the window,
see the light-
around the corner-
catch a glimpse of hope
stand by whom
Sophia L Jun 2019
love is a boring thing,
i like flesh and bone better-
that sounds more human being
Sophia L Dec 2019
the water is warm
the sand is soft
the touch is wet
the air is hot
she is bathing in love
—in love
Sophia L Mar 2019
i am really afraid......
of losing dream
    losing direction
    losing me-
please be brave once more
Sophia L Aug 2018
I am just too afraid to grow up
So I lie at the window
And count the stars
Sophia L Mar 2019
people said-
before dawn is the darkest
how about now-
who to soothe my mind
who to calm my heart
Sophia L Jan 2019
i have been persuaded
kneeled down
beg to end-
hide-and-seek game
will you-
When we are lost, when we meet failure, when we need love.
Sophia L Dec 2018
people say we eager for similarity
no puzzle ever be the same
the distinction makes us-
Sometimes probably we are in the wrong direction.
Sophia L Dec 2018
i am afraid one step forward
i am afraid to lose myself
lose it all
#love #pain
Sophia L Dec 2018
i thought something is coming back
no lies
in your eyes
oh babe
i am in love again -
the rock hit the water
never coming back -
oh babe
i should not bring my heart next time
Sophia L Mar 2019
i am afraid,
one day I can’t recognize myself
Sophia L Aug 2018
The heart is made of water
Before was a river
Now is a Dead Sea
Sophia L Jan 2019
why you don't understand me?
we all have our own stories
time past
nobody listens
probably it would be the best-
to fly in my SOLO dimension
Sophia L Aug 2018
There are four seasons in my heart
I hope to meet you in Spring-
We can see how the mountains become green
I hope to meet you in Summer-
We shall see how the tides turn grey
I hope to meet you Fall-
We will see how the wind blows gold
I hope to meet you in Winter-
We could see how our eyes hide fire
I hope to meet you in -
Sophia L Jan 2019
i hear my heart is shattered
piece by piece
slice by slice
Sophia L Feb 2019
have to stand still
have to run to the finish
have to blur the lines
have to bow my head
Can I-
just lie in bed
and swing in my fantasy?
even not till the end
Sophia L Feb 2019
I never give up HOPE
just HOPE abandons me sometimes
Sophia L Jan 2019
Everybody wants to be You
but you are not anybody else
Cherishing the present.
Sophia L Mar 2019
to let it go
      let me go
           let myself go
embrace with strength
no matter how old
Sophia L Jan 2019
we see what we see
we know what we know
the world is not flat
it's round
Sophia L Jul 2019
you are the sharpen knife
piercing my heart
torturing it till bleeding
-leave me perishing within
Sophia L Jan 2019
so many emotions
so fewer words
make me speechless
make me talk
keep distance
regretless to fall
that is a question-
not mine
it's yours
Sophia L Dec 2018
It's a joke
For you
It's an upward arc
For me
It's a scar -
not deep enough
But just see the blood
Sophia L May 2019
don’t take my silence as the feebleness,
i am not sleeping-
just taking a nap.
Sophia L Nov 2019
you know there is an ending
but still-
let it rolls
let it burns
Sophia L Mar 2019
i see the ugly
  i  see the dark
     i see the monster in our heart
a hero
   is the one
still clenches hope
still expects love
Sophia L Mar 2019
Love is not a cage,
i want to set you free
Sophia L Jul 2019
you ask me-
what do you like?
it’s too expensive
you can’t afford it
Sophia L Jul 2019
I never believe in luck
just a miracle-
when you work **** hard
Sophia L Aug 2
the world used to be small,
books broke the walls

bring them all
cause books broke the walls
Sophia L Jan 10
you move the knight
I move the queen
you yell Check
I scream Draw
-is a rival
is a fight
Sophia L Jul 2019
The night is
deeply charming
Sophia L Mar 2019
Three words:
Sophia L Mar 2019
I love myself more.
Sophia L Feb 16
life indeed ***** in some ways
but i still decided to jump into the water
and start to swim
i always call it
-courage and brave
#life #mood #thoughts
Sophia L Feb 2019
The worst pain
is the part you cannot see
Sophia L Feb 2019
at a certain age
    one day becomes an hour
at a certain age
    one day becomes a moment
at a certain age
    one day becomes a flash
at a certain age
    one day becomes Hope
Sophia L Apr 2019
just found out-
waiting for an answer
is one of the most tortured things
Sophia L Feb 4
even i fell apart
i still seek of love
Sophia L Feb 2019
RED is my color
         red is blood
red is passion
         red is motherland
red is scar
         red is heart
red is love
Sophia L Apr 2019
we always want to have someone
sometimes we forget-
we have ourselves
Sophia L Jan 2019
people smile back at you when you smile
but we always alone when we cry
Sophia L Apr 2019
keep raw
keep origin
-not easy to lost
 not easy to fall
Sophia L Jan 2019
be her
be him
be you
why not be me
Sophia L Sep 2
real Fake
fake Real
Sophia L Jan 2019
where is your heart
            where is your home
                        where is your love
Sophia L Dec 2018
Tears trenched paper
Wind thrilled through the ear
Raindrops permeated sand
The road led to the end
Darkness crushed the trail
Shadow reflected the pain
Baby boys
Baby girls
We are on the way
When people are going through a hard time......
Sophia L Mar 2019
remind me,
why did i start
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