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S P Lowe Jan 2018
A soft flame flickers,
azure wax forms torrid streams,
dripping down they go.
  Jan 2018 S P Lowe
Knowledge Variable
Let me be absorbed in art,
nothing else but art, if I
cannot fall into love and
to be loved. Let me do
nothing but create art.
  Jan 2018 S P Lowe
Star BG
My computer-like self
is frozen in thought like the outside chill.
Mouse moving in heartbeat fashion.
Light pulsating to
balance eyes that stare outward.

Time slows
while flashes of visions come
upon minds screen
melting into a field of technical descriptive words.

Software of passions and goals
must be updated to align with
lifeforce energies.

Dreams become distant
in hard drive of heart
while rain fills eyes
and keyboard
resonates with sounds.

Virus must be found
by breath and focus
grounding in a sea of gigabytes
housed in cells
taken over until balance can be achieved.

Platform is set with intention
for real self to meet fabricated one
as old fears are dismantled
and guided to a tunnel lined with trash.

With flip of
button all is eradicated
in just seconds
for a new thought to anchor
and peace to be part of a new program.

Second to reboot my consciousness
for guidance and spirits love to enter.

StarBG © 2017
Just a thought that floated into mind and I used as a diving board to swim in words. Just a thought to ride the waves of a frothed verse to photograph by assembling words. Just a thought.
S P Lowe Jan 2018
even when we lay side by side
underneath thick blankets,
we are on opposite ends of the earth.
The warmth our bare legs generate,
rubbing together with each shift in bed,
serves as a reminder
of how close we are physically,
yet we are 24,000 miles a part.
I yearn to close this distance,
but I don’t know if I have the strength
to make a fool’s journey.
S P Lowe Jan 2018
Skyscraping popplers
bow their leafless tops and creak
from harsh, shrilling wind.

Puddles fill pockets
where footprints carved soggy mud,
rippling with rain.

Smoke wafts lazily
from chimney tops, blending with
mold’s pungent perfume.

Electric branches,
streaking the overcast night--
CRACK! The walls vibrate.

Only when dawn’s light
bleeds gold and pink horizons
does the storm pass.
  Jan 2018 S P Lowe
Clare Coffey
I am the girl in the corner
The one you simply don’t see
Years of perfected camouflage
So you will never notice me

I don’t make any ripples
Wouldn’t dare step out of line
Nobody can hear my voice
I hope that they will sometime

I live in a world of fear
I’m not sure why I’m afraid
I have found inside my head
The place where nightmares are made

A place buried deep within
Filled full of darkness and dread
Breaching the edge of reason
And icy cold like the dead

Visions writhing and ghostly
Fleeting outside of my grasp
Yet returning to haunt me
I breathe pain in a silent gasp

I want to be comfortably numb
All the way down to my core
Not to feel all this heartache
Not to know hurt anymore

Pills and ***** can’t save me
Why can’t you hear when I scream
Desperate depressed and lost
In a land of broken dreams
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