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Clare Coffey May 21
Why did I give you my trust
Why did you take it from me
I paid a very dear price
For the gift you got for free

You came in the clothes of a sheep
A deceptively clever disguise
Crafted with cunning and guile
The wolf underneath a surprise

Yes to my face you were kind
You wore the mask of a friend
I thought you cared about me
But no it was all pretend

Just like a vile spitting cat
That hurts without using claws
You spewed poison and hate
About me behind closed doors

Who knows what went through your head
When you were concocting your lies
I was never a threat to you
It hurts to see me through your eyes

Why do you feel no guilt
For all the pain that you caused
Nothing in your behaviour
Seems to have made you pause

I did not deserve your hate
All I wanted was a quiet life
To find joy and fulfilment
Not this bitterness and strife

In this world you are a hunter
Always seeking out fresh prey
Toxic right down to the core
All goodness eaten away

Be careful how you go now
And listen to what I say
Maybe change that behaviour
Before everyone walks away
Clare Coffey Mar 20
Come answer my call to war
Come fight alongside of me
Fight against cruelty and evil
The seeds of inhumanity

Come answer my call to war
Get the homeless a warm bed
Give them safety and shelter
Before they all wind up dead

Come answer my call to war
Give the poor a way to survive
To live life with some dignity
And not beg to stay alive

Come answer my call to war
Give the addict some support
You don’t know how they hurt
Or the demons they have fought

Come answer my call to war
Keep our children safe and secure
The innocent deserve our love
Their future must be ensured

Come answer my call to war
Bring healing to all the ill
No one should endure such pain
And then be stuck with a bill

Come answer my call to war
Workers should not be enslaved
A living wage some respect
Not driven to an early grave

Come answer my call to war
Save our planet from industry
From those who would destroy it
Are we too blind to see

Come answer my call to war
Come fight alongside of me
Fight for peace and harmony
Fight so we all may be free
Ok I admit I’m an idealist but the modern world saddens me
Clare Coffey Mar 11
I am the warm air of spring
Heralding the time of rebirth
I caress the first shoots of growth
As they poke their way through the earth

I ponder nature’s resilience
As her landscape comes alive
I marvel at her citizens
And their will to survive

I dance over fields and rivers
Whispering to sky and sun
To all the hiding creatures
A new season has begun

I am the zephyr of summer
Come now and heed my call
Blowing sweetly from the west
The kindest wind of them all

Walk with me over hill and dale
Carpeted in joyous colour
Feeling my soft caresses
More tender than any lover

I will kiss your upturned face
Brushing it with rays of sun
Breathing warmth into your bones
Till the sunset says day is done

I am the wild gale of autumn
Stripping the leaves from the trees
Nothing withstands my fury
All bow to my desperate need

I whip the rain into torrents
Pouring water over all beneath
No quarter asked or given
I gift you the dying year’s grief

I move restlessly onwards
My dark tempests taking form
But the harvest is gathered
The bounty safe from my storms

I am the north wind of winter
Bringing the first flakes of snow
Scattering them with abandon
On the gardens and streets below

My blast is icy and chill
Freezing your toes and fingers
Sweeping away the last of the year
Not a single vestige lingers

Time for you to stay indoors
Cosying in front of the fire
Enjoying the comforts of home
Away from my insolent ire
A couple of days ago I got talking to a lovely lady about her poetry society - she invited my to go. The theme of the meeting is ‘wind’...
Clare Coffey Mar 9
You stand at an open door
Your future is yours to own
The path to it is yours to walk
But you will never be alone

When you were a tiny baby
I held you safe in my arms
It was easy to protect you
From all life’s ills and harms

Back then you were my world
So precious and so small
Now look at you all grown up
In what seems no time at all

You have listened carefully
To the things I had to say
You’ve learned how to laugh and love
And live life your own way

Know I could not be prouder
For you mean the world to me
But it’s time for me to let you go
Time for me to set you free

If you ever doubt you’re loved
Know this one thing is true
As you step into your future
You will take my heart with you
I cried buckets writing this for my youngest daughter who is about to leave school - her school as a surprise asked parents to write a letter for their child to be given at their Leaver’s assembly so how could I not include a poem!?
Clare Coffey Jan 22
Write something happy they said
Something uplifting and nice
Don’t write about your depression
Was the sum of their advice

Your moods are way too gloomy
Your anxiety is too stark
How can things be that awful
You have to be wide of the mark

Write something less sad they said
No one wants to share your pain
To feel how badly you’re hurting
Just go take some pills again

Don’t talk about all your grief
Your world full of stress and strife
It’s better to count your blessings
And pretend you have a great life

Write something less mad they said
Your chaos will drive us to drink
Nothing is as bad as it seems
Of course your life doesn’t stink

Keep your crazy in your head
We don’t like the way that you think
Write about glitter and unicorns
Clouds that are fluffy and pink

Write something less dark they said
Demons are not your best friends
Now if you keep on like this
You know where it’s going to end

We don’t want to hear your story
Or understand why you feel this way
We only want to listen
When you have something sweet to say

Well my hands are over my ears
I don’t want you talking at me
I’m alone fighting those demons
In a battle you refuse to see

The struggle is never ending
To be who I am meant to be
But one day I will find my truth
And know what it is to be free
I have sometimes been accused of writing too much about dark and depressing feelings - but this helps me heal from wounds some of which go back to childhood
Clare Coffey Jan 7
See me lie here quietly
The grass cool beneath my back
Watching clouds chased by the breeze
The sun peeping through the cracks

The shafts of sunshine shifting
In patterns of dark and light
Highlighting a world in contrast
One moment black the next so bright

Rays land on petals and leaves
Bright splashes of joyous colour
Spread out on a carpet of green
Waiting to be discovered

The tree that spreads its branches
Softens the sting of the wind
That still has an icy tang
But speaks to the fire within

I hear the river waters
A cascade’s glory unfolds
Flowing across the dark rocks
I feel it call to my soul

Constantly changing and spinning
I find the shapes in the sky
I yearn to join their dances
Before the chance passes me by

I look at their once white faces
Turning quickly to grey and black
I know a storm is coming  
I await its fierce attack

A raindrop trickles down my cheek
A sign there are more to fall
I tilt both my palms upward
Maybe I can catch them all

Strips of burnished lightening
Flash their way across the sky
Thunder grumbles loudly
I wish my heart could fly

There is beauty in the tempest
A wild symphony unchained
I embrace every sweet moment
And dance with joy in the rain
Clare Coffey Dec 2018
Today I feel so alone
I don’t know what I should do
To stop my life from hurting
My heart is breaking in two

You don’t understand why would you
How rejected some of us feel
We were never in with the in crowd
That isn’t part of our deal

Such smiley happy people
Laughing and having their fun
I’m here dying in the shadows
While they have their day in the sun

Jealous no I don’t think so
More a crushing sense of guilt
Wondering what I did wrong
And why no friendship was built

I made the gestures I could
But I don’t find that easy to do
What seems impossible for me
Seems oh so simple for you

I know we all have our problems
Believe me that I don’t forget
People make their own choices
That’s something I have to accept

But it doesn’t stop it hurting
When you are left out again
Like some rusty old toy
Not brought in from the rain

Why oh why am I crying
Tears from deep down in my soul
I wonder if I will ever feel loved
And will I ever be whole

Maybe it makes me remember
Being a frightened lonely child
Unable to comprehend
Why I couldn’t win her smile

Lost in permanent limbo
No one to soothe or to care
Not knowing how I could live
Or even if I dared

So next time you raise a glass
At some jolly party or do
Check who wasn’t included
They might be needing you
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