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 Jul 2016 Sophie
2 a.m.
 Jul 2016 Sophie
She was in a constant battle in her mind
when she woke up everyday
it was her proof of surviving the toughest war
against the strongest warrior

 Jul 2016 Sophie
 Jul 2016 Sophie
I thought about you today
Your sister posted a picture online of a butterfly that had landed on her foot outside in her backyard, she said it was you visiting her and of course everyone gave her their condolences.
I often think of your family, like the son you left behind and the husband who has yet to find anyone else since you left.
But how could you find another lover after you found the last one hanging from a cable cord in your basement
If you knew how everyone's life would be now, would you take it back?
 Jul 2016 Sophie
 Jul 2016 Sophie
I secretly hate you, like the mole on my back.  
I want to tell you off, but I have to watch my back.

My eyes are glued to the screen - like a mouse to a trap.
I just want that cheese, but my metaphor is weak.

Weak at the knees, it's making me queasy.
Life ain't easy, life ain't easy.
short synopsis of life
 Jul 2016 Sophie
 Jul 2016 Sophie
we are made of colors
absorbed by light
scattered all around

we become the loveliest illusions
breathtaking, yet non-existent
 Jul 2016 Sophie
Edward Coles
Did you ever fit the cut?
Did you ever sing in key?
Did you ever light the match
To the pages your prayers have been?

Did you ever get in line
In your struggle to be free,
Did you ever cheat in love
To find some honesty?

Did you make it out the crowd
Just to find you are missing out?
Did you ever have too much drink,
End up ******* in the kitchen sink?

Did you ever cheat death
Just to feel alive-
Just to see what it felt like
On the other side?

Did you take drugs
For that same reason?
Does your mind shift
With the patterns of the seasons?

Do you look to the future
And forecast a storm?
Do you ever plan an early night,
Then fall asleep at dawn?

Have you ever fallen in love
And acted as if you have not?
Have you ever drank your demons
Under the table; under the rug?

Do you feel confused too?
You know, I haven't got a clue
what I am doing, where I am going
- is that the same for you?
A spoken word piece.

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