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Sophie May 2015
it is exquisite
on how he can turn
from a beast
into a saint

and she watching him

just him, flaws and all his.
drunk in love, which also been recognized as stupid in love?
Sophie Jul 2018
Let alone love be the core of it.
Even it is mean breaking and aching.
Let alone love be the core of this.
Sophie May 2015
macam sakit
macam pedih
macam kecewa

ya, kecewa.
Sophie Aug 2016
it's not like adjacency pairs
good morning comes with hi
good bye with seeya

it's good day, fck you and thank you.
Sophie Jun 2015
It hurts for a cut
because we know how it felt seeing the blood.

this yet more than that,
seeing a little soul, its tears, it sneeze, its shivery, its cries, its hard
for the love in a cup
of people by heart.

*Please get well soon, buddy
Sophie Dec 2015
Am I the bad one for adoring three musketeers that sharing none of mutuality of each piece? One's for guidance, one's for comfort, and another one's for understanding. All of them have come and stay for quite awhile. And share the same place -- in this little crib of heart. Am I the bad one yet?
Or am I just a messy one?
Sophie Jul 2015
shut yourself up.
distance yourself away.
close your eyes tight.

for a long lasting impression, nay?
Sophie May 2015
Always in confuse
like spinning wheel broke its fuse--
never in amuse.
btw, is this haiku all about? 575..
Sophie Jun 2015
There lies something soothing in the language you yet don't comprehend.
Try listen to them for a moment.

It's beautiful.
Just a note, not a poem.
Sophie May 2015
I have an assignment that need to be submitted by tomorrow. yet, here I am arranging words, twisting, flipping, painting, yawning, crying for help, mercy, sickness to come sits by my side. Ugh, I am not even started a word. How do people graduate anyway. Anyone wants to come and kidnap me for a day? **** I'm so done.
Sophie May 2015
I am no Lang Leav
and you are no Michael Faudet
here we are
arranging letters
bit by bit
'cause we're

*a poem with feet.
we are a poem ourselves. and yeah true I like them both.
Sophie May 2015
they say autumn is beautiful
yet everything is dying--

so does white lie
Sophie Jul 2016
as the talk of nouman
as the write of khaled hosseini
behold such beauties in their wording
I helplessly fall in them
Sophie May 2015
look me to live
read me to know
sing me to sleep
walk me to old
poem me to death.
Sophie May 2015
the leaves look so lively
with its birds resting sleeplessly
as I recognise the sun shines passionately
unlike my back of mind, deadly--
parting it ways from gay to blue, intensely
yet longing for no more, lovely.
Sophie Oct 2016
out of love
you fix the environment.
out of greedy
you pluck the beauty away.

your call.
Sophie Oct 2016
Once upon a time
there was a cactus
it can be seen–
can't be touched.

Thus, value yourself.
Sophie Jul 2016
are you a cactus?
so mesmerized to look at yet
so much blood when be touched.

*cos i fell ******* you
and it hurts.
Sophie Jun 2015
You're the cup of my tea,
You're the bitter of my twenty.

**Adios, Amigo.
Sophie Aug 2015
it takes Dali to know surreal; and
it takes you to confuse what's real.

Sophie Jul 2015
dust species under my bed
nothingness within my words
searching for a thing worth my wills

Sophie Apr 2015
Someone's been talking
some others been listening
this one
been writing
and listening
not for him
it's The Shins "Caring is Creepy" been playing
deep inside been asking
"when will the class ends, Darling?"
This one is so literal. I know.
Sophie May 2015
she wrote, writes--
like the sun, rises

until she doesn't
like the sun, sets.
everything has a deadline.
Sophie Apr 2015
Today we learn.
Tomorrow we remember.
Past few moment we shared.
Always expect the unexpected
But when it did
We never ready anyway.

Life must go on,
It's just a hiccup in life my love.
Sophie Aug 2015
Roses are red,
Violet is blue;
Just breathe
And this poem is meant for *you.
This world is a place to learn. Just breathe.
Sophie May 2015
As the moon begins to rise
As my devils too--
Start to conjoin,

This is bad.
Sophie Jul 2016
I don't know whether I'm too strong or too dumb to let you go. Too strong that I thought I could handle this or too dumb when I finally realized that I'm not. Too strong that come into realization this round we're living won't have any goods or too dumb that can't even living a day without thinking about it. Kinda nice to know that I still have a heart to feel the hurt. Thanks, you.

Sophie Jun 2015
the bloodshed of tears
rip the pearls of ocean sea

thus, we lie.
Sophie May 2015
why do I feel like being betrayed
it's funny when looking back
I saw you
with a knife

**** yes
you did
it is **** from people you least expected. ****
Sophie Jun 2015
Erstwhile, I need to brood in the bucolic
for giving away a dulcet of dalliance
that becoming a scintilla  to my sempiternal urge.
Sophie Nov 2016
I'm scared that—
I see people without souls;
I see human without humanity;
I see creatures without empathy;

We're just simply an entity—
Sophie Jul 2015
Mask is a rare piece in tangibility
a commoner in intangibility.

how poetic human can be;
Sophie Aug 2016
away from others
closed to each other
and brooding together

Sophie Jul 2018
It is that wind on your cheeks,
that bird chirping in your ears,
that small wave on your feet.

It was never those gentle lies.
Sophie Aug 2016
it doesnt always take a balloon to **** out your breath away and give you headache
missing *you.
Sophie Jul 2015
you know how homed it is to you when you have nothing to return to unless to them.
my cat died.*
*I die a lil inside.
Sophie May 2015
when you're alone in your dorm and wearing full volume headphone and you saw a glimpse of your roommate in between your curtain.
It could be not your roommate.
****. Happened.
Sophie May 2015
what does it mean to be lonely?‎*

*the unwanted feeling.
the no one cares feeling.
the no one left for you feeling.
the no one ones feeling.
the saddest feeling 'cause everyone is busying with everybody but you.
that kind of feeling.
Sophie May 2015
she choked her up with--
"you don't understand"
after for decades being with her
and it hurts so bad

she ripped her heart with
"no you don't get it"
after they've been through together all the time
thus it hurts really bad


she told her all her bitter
she asked her for the shoulder
she begged her for home
she gave her all without a pause

yet "the don't understand" stings the most.
Sophie Jul 2016
how yesterday overwhelmed me--
let's unmeet.
Sophie May 2015
I don't see any stars
I.* do. see. it.
*in you.
Sophie Jul 2016
why loving is so hurting?
because we got life to run
so dysfunctional one.
Sophie May 2015
is selflessness a sweet way to self-destruction?*

it's their problem for having a bad attitude
after all the concerns and cares people gave to them.
Sophie Jun 2015
"It's not about literal. It's about how technical you can relate with things that's happening in here. Searching for a meaning over places you've been, or will be. Take all the time you want, for not everyone is there for you when needed the most.
Regardlessly, it's your life to make sense with, not theirs." -S
live your own life, lil soul.
Sophie May 2015
in a middle of ******* up
in a middle of faking things up

is there any difference?
**I don't think so.
Sophie May 2015
I don't know what is this feeling
my eyes kinda burning
my head's kinda spinning
and my heart fastly beating
all the memories flashing
like a recorder ever playing
this is so frustrating
I don't know what does this mean


*probably, been missing.
Sophie May 2015
There's an ***
in the--


Sophie Aug 2016
for every song that i've heard
it's all for you, with you and* **** *you.
Sophie Dec 2015
if i could ever run away
it's not gonna be in your arms
because it's been **** close
ever since.
Sophie Apr 2015
Your tears
Your worries
Your sadness
Your sickness
Your broken pieces--

not much to say

But I promise you
I am there
and will always be.

Put your smile
your worth
your hope
your best plan
back on
It's just a part of living anyway.
Arina. my friend, my best buddy, my other half, my soul mate of a hiccup she's having in the moment.
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