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Shivam Porwal Sep 2017
Chalo ! Chalo aaj kuch esa kiya jae,

Apne Sapno ko Haqeeqat se Joda jae,

Ye dono 1 dusre se bilkul alag hai,

par dono hi apni kabiliyat ke liye mashoor hai,

Sapne, Sapne to Aasman hai, Jinki koi seema hi nahi,

Par Haqeeeqat to Aag se Bhare angaare hai, Jin par chal pana itna aasan nahi.

Sapne to woh raah hai, Jo hume kuch karne k liye prerit karti hai,

par haqeeqat, haqeeqat to un sapno ko bhi tod deti hai.

To kya ab haqeeqat ko dekhkr, sapne dekhna chod de,

ya apni khwaisho ke rukh ko hi mod le,

Agar Nahi, To fir chalo haqeeqat ko swikarte hai,

Apne sapno ko haqeeqat banane me jutt jate hai,

Mehnat kar apni kabiliyat ke rang sajate hai,

Apne sapno ko apni Manjil tak lekar jate hai,

Apne khwabo ke pankho ko or feltate hai,

Thoda Haste hai, Thoda hasate hai,

Chalo na !!!

Apni zindagi ko thoda or kamyab banate hai !!!!..

Written By :
This poem describe the relationship between dreams and the reality
Seema Nov 2017
Seema, Seema is divine
She dances in her day.
Writing words that are so grand.
Inside the sacred day.

Seema's meant to open heart
She really is a star
Hope she's well to move in dreams
To know just who you are.

written by: Star BG 12/11/17
Star BG, you got me surprised by this lovely write. Thank you so much poet goddess. I never thought, someone would actually write a poem on/for me. May you, be blessed always dear friend :))
Seema Oct 2017
She stood in the dark
With her long raven hair
Waiting for her prey
To grab her share

Clitching teeth, as thunder roars
Her eyes now glowing, red
As the heavy rain pours looks inhuman
The sharp claws on her hands
A disguise or her true form
Growls, as she lands

Her hunger raging
Like a wildfire
The prey’s blood must quench
And putout the flaming desire

Ready to attack
Without any remorse
Her full attention on the prey, of course

She jumped in full force
To **** with one shot
Not thinking of a power
The mighty prey may have got

A flash of lightening
Falling in between
Both looked fierce and frightening

The darkness creeped the night
As the war went on for hours
From far far away
I was watching with my invisible powers

The deeper the night, the intense the fight
In the land of "the half beings"
Who will shed a light?

Since the waging fight began
None backing to retire
The prey in digust anger
****** eyes, shooting fire

Instinct took over, on the prey most
Survival is a must
Fighting darkness with any priced cost

What will unfold from this battle?
Only time will tell
Either darkness will win or the prey,
One will survive from this bombshell...*

Rolling reels, spilling imagination. Thank you Jobira for keeping up with my imaginative theme and making this poem a success :)
Seema  Sep 2017
Know Me :-)
Seema Sep 2017
I am called an angel
I am called a ninja
I wear silver bangles
My color is of ginger

I have doll like eyes
My figure is of a small coke bottle
I hate tales of flying lies
I live in the pacific portal

I smile when I am sad
Tears are always in abundance in me
I have a temper and I do get mad
I am only a human, you see

I love reading and adore writing
But my mouth ain't a word diarrhea
I love silence and scenery sitings
I've been writing for over an year

I am in love with my adorable dogs
Who make my lone day bright
Cloudy yet windy, misty or fogs
I love this weather, as a cold night

My inner me is a mischief child
I am in my early working thirties
My imaginative writing gets wild
I am quite authoritative

I teach info tech, I love my students
Knowledge sharing is my best part
I am intolerable to fake mutants
But, I hate to see them depart

My name is Seema and I am a free writer
With the challenges I face
Each day makes my life brighter
With the blink of time in trace...

Seema Jul 1
You don't need to, close your eyes
It's just my steps, and drops of rain
The floor is cold
And you in pain
Darling, let me hold you
It's not a sin....
Baby trust me once
And I'll ask no more
Just holding hands
Let your feelings pour
You don't need to, close your eyes
It's just my steps, and drops of rain
Your trembling hands
Touch my face
I know you scared
Just let me embrace
Baby, hold me tight
Look.. don't you cry
It's gonna be okay
With one more try
You don't need to, close your eyes
It's just my steps, and drops of rain
In the ambience of this silence
Rest your head on me
I'll be your padlock
And you my only key
The rain has stopped
Your tears are dry
I hope you understand me
Please don't lie
You don't need to, close your eyes
It's just my steps, and drops of rain

©Seema Sen, 2020
Seema  Jun 1
Walking Alone
Seema Jun 1
Ears deaf, lips cracked
Hearts broken
Belongings packed
Trembling hands unlock
The lonely steps ahead

Cold and rainy, soaked
All of me is wet
Tears stand no value
Only hate is what I get

Looking back again
For the years have long past
The pain is still fresh
Memories pour in to blast
My lonely days ahead...

©Seema Sen, 2020
Seema  Jun 1
Seema Jun 1
Budding of life thrills
In love one feels
The beautiful charm
His smile, always steals
A warm kiss touches
My wrinkled cold cheeks
His eyes watches
Whenever I speak

In a dream, that is....

©Seema Sen, 2020
Seema  Jul 20
Shyness Demon
Seema Jul 20
The sorrow that is weighing me down now
Is the result of being expected too much
We all need time to fly,
If given, one push at a time
A rush into a flight, may lead to
Damaging my own fluttering wings
Yet, if I don't keep a pace
It's just disappointing
And I may surely lose my prime
I do try my best but
The timidness borrows me down
I yearn to drown in your love
For the way you do with me
But this shyness demon,
Raptures my heart and mind
And blinds me, for what I should see...

©Seema Sen, 2020
Seema  20h
Seema 20h
The stale air still carried your scent to my inner muse
To flourish the dead feelings which once bloomed into a forest
Like the silence of a midnight street where even the lights flicker
Walks my two feet with my never ending shadow
Soaked in the moonlights dew, a humble handful residue
Of my dying love...

©Seema Sen, 2020

— The End —